Moving From Sky To Plusnet - Router Question

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Mike, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I am on Skys unlimited broadband at £15 per month, I don't have the TV etc.
    My broadband usage is now very low so Plusnet looks tempting at just over £6
    a month. I have requested the MAC code from Sky.

    My problem is that I don't like Plusnets "Thomson" routers and have
    successfully avoided purchasing anything from this manufacturer in the past.
    I have been happy with the Sky Netgear router with its faultless operation
    and simple menus etc.I realise its possible to re-flash the Sky Netgear to a
    standard Netgear but this is beyond my capabilities and in any case I may
    want to go back to Sky at some stage.

    Anyone on Plusnet with the basic one port Thomson router care to comment on
    its performance and operation ? Thanks.

    Mike, Jun 30, 2011
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  2. Mike

    chris Guest

    Isn't the default router the 4-port wireless one? That's what I have and
    I'm on plusnet value. I got it a few months ago because of problems with
    my old router and ADSL2+.

    The router interface has been customised with plusnet branding, but is
    pretty well laid out. Features wise there's nothing special and finding
    the more advanced ones (i.e. assigning static IP to printers etc) can be
    tricky. Responsiveness of the interface is not great, taking several
    seconds to respond sometimes and restarting the router can take a few
    minutes before you're online. However, once set-up there's little reason
    to go in there too often, so not really a bother.

    Performance-wise it's fine; regularly I get pretty close to my 'typical'
    line speed and wi-fi speed are fine although the range is not as good as
    my previous router.

    I've only needed to reboot it 2-3 times since I got it.

    So, all-in-all fine for general stuff with no frills. I thought I'd
    replace it, but haven't felt compelled to yet.
    chris, Jun 30, 2011
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  3. Mike

    Andy Burns Guest

    I've never used Thomson myself, but I have two relatives on Plusnet with
    the Thomson and no problems, my neighbour has had stability problems
    with a Thomson (and its replacement) so reverted to an older Linksys ...
    Andy Burns, Jun 30, 2011
  4. Why not just buy another router of your choice?
    It will work with Plusnet (or any other ISP who doesn't insist on you
    using "their" router).
    In any case, if you ask Plusnet for one of their routers, they will let
    you have one "free of charge" but will recoup the cost from you if you
    leave them prior to the end of your contract.
    I'm with Plusnet and use my own D-Link router (price £40-ish) which
    works fine, thanks.

    George Weston, Jun 30, 2011
  5. Mike

    Flop Guest

    Unfortunately there are too many variables.

    These include personal preference, advanced requirements, the model (and
    even variations within a model) and the nature of your signal.

    I was using a Draytek Vigor. Nice router but with SNR dropping on the
    line during the evening it kept resynching. Plusnet CS suggested that I
    try their Thompson.

    I did and found it was far more stable - maintaining a line for weeks
    down to a very low SNR.

    You may be pleasantly surprised

    Flop, Jun 30, 2011
  6. Mike

    Mark Ingle Guest

    Not on Plusnet, but Thomson routers compared to some other makes have a
    pretty horrid interface and are a pain to configure. However, in terms
    of speed (for ADSL2+ anyway), they seem to be among the best; so unless
    you're doing fancy things or need to configure the router regularly, I
    would stick with the Thomson.
    Mark Ingle, Jun 30, 2011
  7. Mike

    NCO Guest

    In reply to "Mike" who wrote the following:
    I'd expect the thompson routers to be the most reliable part of the service from
    Plusnet :D

    Moving to BTW from
    NCO, Jun 30, 2011
  8. Depending on where you are in the country, I'm sure there would be someone
    local on this NG who could re-flash it for you. If you later went back
    to Sky, they might send you another Netgear.
    Andrew Benham, Jul 1, 2011
  9. They probably would, as apparently they lock-down their Sky routers so
    that all their customers "enjoy" an identical and non-tweakable experience.
    (It makes life simpler fro their customer service people but doesn't
    help customers who like to do a bit of optimising from time to time).

    George Weston, Jul 1, 2011
  10. It really is very easy to do if you can follow a few lines of instructions.
    If you went back to Sky they would send a new router anyway.

    Peter Crosland
    Peter Crosland, Jul 1, 2011
  11. Mike

    Tired Guest

    their reflashed netgears are superb though.... Best sync speed of any router
    i have tested.
    Tired, Jul 5, 2011
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