More attenuation - can anyone make sense of this?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by fred, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. fred

    fred Guest

    The background to this one is a long-standing failed migration into an LLU
    provider. A perfectly sweet 2Mbit connection turned to shit overnight and all
    attempts to fix it have failed. The problem has always been that I can sync
    quickly and consistently but the supplier's logs have never shown a sync
    condition or any login attempts. I haven't seen so much as a byte from

    Anyway, just borrowed a router that has comprehensive stats so here's a
    few figures:

    Local SNR Margin 31.0 dB
    Local Line Attenuation 17.5 dB
    Local Transmit Power 10.95 dB

    Remote SNR Margin 0.0 dB
    Remote Line Attenuation 20.0 dB
    Remote Transmit Power 19.51 dB

    To my untrained eye this looks pretty good, except of course for the
    Remote SNR of zero! How on earth can the other figures be so good and
    that one be so bad?

    Its a zoom adsl router so some of the terminology is peculiar to them.
    Here's some more:

    ADSL Status: Showtime/Data
    Downstream Speed: 2272 Kbps
    Upstream Speed: 288 Kbps
    Standard: Multimode

    Someone has previously mentioned that this sync speed is not what is to
    be expected from an LLU provider but I am none the wiser.

    Any opinions/ideas?
    fred, Dec 30, 2005
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  2. fred

    Kraftee Guest

    You're on an alcatel equipped exchange & have got nothing to worry about
    Kraftee, Dec 30, 2005
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  3. fred

    fred Guest

    Meaning these figures look ok, is the zero response a quirk of the Alcatel
    equipment? I suppose that suggests my failure is some sort of
    configuration issue then, not that it makes life any easier, they're stumped
    and want to back out of providing altogether but after being kept waiting for
    this long I'm not about to let them off the hook.

    Perhaps this has been covered before but I'm wondering how the router can
    work out these stats, does it require a 2 way communication between
    exchange and router/modem chipsets: I'm transmitting at this level, ok I'm
    receiving at this level so the line attenuation is this XX?
    fred, Dec 30, 2005
  4. fred

    Kraftee Guest

    Alcatel Dslams do on the odd occaision or 2 give out quirky results,
    which is why I said that your on Alcatel equipment.

    You are synching or else you wouldn't get any results so this does lend
    itself to a configuration problem at your end (normally) but it's
    equally possible that it may be at their end. Do they see you in synch
    or not? That is the 6 million dollar question, if they don't then it
    will be a problem either with their equipment, or even possibly you have
    been connected to the BT Dslams..
    Kraftee, Dec 30, 2005
  5. fred

    fred Guest

    I see, it was your previous mention of chipset incompatibilities that
    prompted me to try the Zero router (on top of my own router & spare
    Yes, def syncing here but they don't see me in sync at all. I won't claim to
    be immune to finger trouble but they're not even seeing any login attempts.
    Incorrect connection seemed likely but I can hear it when they tone test so
    they seem to be on the right port. It wouldn't surprise me to find that I'm
    still connected to BT's rack as well and that is the one I'm sync'ing to
    (bt_test login fails to though).

    Ports have been changed, multiple exchange visits but to no avail, the final
    suggestion is to cease & reprovide to their BT wholesale product to get
    away from whatever faulty gear/wiring/configuration I am connected to and
    then migrate back later (when the dust has settled). It seems like such a
    waste of time but I think I'll go for it as the path of last resort.
    fred, Dec 30, 2005
  6. you look to be already on BT kit, or the upstream would be >400k

    Phil Thompson, Dec 31, 2005
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