Mobile GPS, Mobile Satellite Internet, Flat Panel DBS Antennas, Used DirecTV and Dish Network

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by tradervic, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. tradervic

    tradervic Guest

    Securtron invites you stop by, take a look, and save!

    Free live customer support!
    USA Based (we do serve Canada too!)

    See the latest in Flat Panel DBS Antenna products!
    Mobile Satellite Internet (you betcha!)
    Build your own Linux based PVR system and save FEE'S!

    We want your business and we're willing to earn it! Do you have a
    computer hardware or software drivers, satellite, dvd player or related
    problem and can't find the answers? Click on our live chat and
    let one of our techs help you solve that problem! There is NO
    charge! We will ask NO personal information! There is NO
    catch or sales pitch! There is NO limit to online help you can
    receive. We will always do our very best to answer your
    questions. It does not matter if you have purchased before or not.
    If you have a question......we will get the answer!

    ***PLEASE NOTE: If a window pops up and offers help
    please don't FREAK! This is normal and if you don't
    have any questions you need answered please
    ignore it or close it out.
    tradervic, Nov 16, 2003
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