machine password expiration in the 2003 domain environment

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Drew Govnyak, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Drew Govnyak

    Drew Govnyak Guest

    Does anybody know the default Machine Account Password expiration in a
    Windows 2003 domain in native mode? Just to clarify what I am looking for is
    the machine password, not user.

    Drew Govnyak, Apr 14, 2008
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  2. As far as I know there is no such thing for machine accounts.
    In policy you can control whether machines change their password, and how
    but that is a behavior of the joined machine and is not a behavior required
    by the
    domain (i.e. if the machine does not do it on time there is not anything
    forced onto
    the machine by the domain).

    Roger Abell [MVP], Apr 17, 2008
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  3. Drew Govnyak

    Drew Govnyak Guest

  4. With all due respect Drew I do not believe that you read the short sentence
    description in page of link you referenced.
    The machine attempts to change its password with the frequence that is set
    (30 day default).
    As I had replied, that is a behavior of the joined machine. It is not a
    required change imposed
    by the domain with the domain expiring the account if it is not done within
    that time.
    Password expiration exists for user principals but as far as I have ever
    known does not
    exist for the passwords of machine join accounts.

    Why are you asking?
    Have you experience something that leads you to think machine account
    password expiration is the cause ?

    Roger Abell [MVP], Apr 18, 2008
  5. Drew Govnyak

    kj [MVP SBS] Guest

    That is my understanding as well. DC policy exists to even decline computer
    password change attempts completly. However this can result in WS passwords
    remaining at the intial value equal to the computername$. It can be helpfull
    for a temporary measure in machine imaging though.
    kj [MVP SBS], Apr 18, 2008
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