Login Problems ( Windows 98 / Windows 2003 Server)

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by =?Utf-8?B?RE1J?=, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. We have a Windows 98 computer that is a member of our domain (d.com) We have
    three domains; D1.com, D2.com and D.com. D1.com and D2.com are Windows NT 40
    domains, the D.com is a Windows 2003 domain.

    This is the problem. The Windows 98 computer is not able to connect to the
    Windows 2003 domain but it is able to connect to both of the Windows NT 4.0
    domains with no problems.

    The errors we get when connecting to the Windows 2003 domain is:

    "The domain password you supplied is not correct or access to your logon
    server has been denied"

    “No domain server was available to validate your password�

    I use many user names and passwords, including the administrator form all of
    the three domains, to log from this computer and it does not work. When
    using the same information in another Windows 98 computer it works fine. No
    changes were made except a server was promoted to ADC.

    Please help me out with any information you may have. I do thank you in
    advance for your help!
    =?Utf-8?B?RE1J?=, Oct 14, 2004
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  2. =?Utf-8?B?RE1J?=

    Haggis Guest

    try removing the NIC from device manager in safe mode then reboot/reinstall
    and try the setup again....

    the account setup on 2003 for that computer (the login name) should
    validate your login and allow access to shared resources.

    let us know
    Haggis, Oct 14, 2004
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  3. First of all, the DOS side of Windows (3.1,95,98) can not become a
    "member" like the NT side of Windows (NT,2000Pro,XPPro). It can
    however access/use resourses like shares from the server if it is so
    aurthorized. (XPHome is a different bird.)
    Second, if another 98 machine can do what you want, then reload from
    scratch since you may have a corrupted file that is vital to the process and
    try to access again.

    ***** charles, Oct 15, 2004
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