Linux, WPA-Supplicant, and poor signal/frequent AP power failures

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by jp.senior, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. jp.senior

    jp.senior Guest

    Hey folks =) How does wpa supplicant react to an AP going down and
    coming back up? i'm thinking about key exchanges. the power often
    goes out on my AP due to crappy power lines, and i don't want to be
    consoling into the linux machine every time this happens to reenable
    the interface.

    I figure in the worst-case scenario, I connect successfully to the WPA
    network using WPA Supplicant. Keys are renewed/recreated every 3600
    seconds. Linux machine is expecting A key. AP Restarts, generates a
    new 'B' key which does not match with the 'A' that the linux client
    has. Will WPA Supplicant, or my router attempt to negotiate a new key?

    I imagine the difference between an AP going hard offline and losing
    signal for a while is that losing signal won't force a new 3600second
    key to be created.

    Sorry if I'm not very clear, but I think I somehow got my message

    (WRT54GS, running linksys firmware, soon to be running openWRT. I will
    be buying some sort of linksys or intel wireless card for the new
    client computer.)

    jp.senior, Apr 29, 2006
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