Linux NIS master, Solaris NIS slave yields RPC timeout for yppush?

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by David Trusty, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. David Trusty

    David Trusty Guest


    I have a Redhat 9 NIS master server, and a Solaris 9 NIS slave server.

    I can do a 'ypxfr' from the Solaris machine just fine, but whenever I try
    to do a 'yppush' from the Linux master, I get this error:

    : RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed out

    Any ideas?


    David Trusty, Sep 12, 2004
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  2. David Trusty

    P.T. Breuer Guest

    Install the correct service on the sun machine, or ├Žnable access to
    your portmapper (or the sun portmapper) from your machine or the other
    machine (as your debug trace indicates to you), or talk to the author
    of your tools via their mailing list.

    Turn on debugging.

    P.T. Breuer, Sep 12, 2004
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