Linux file format for word list in aircrack and or fern

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by David Werner, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. David Werner

    David Werner Guest

    New at testing my wifi security and not sure what format(s) can the word list to through at the security test be in? Will it work with a .dic file? .txt file? I see it will with a .lst or at least I think. Are there others formats that can work or is just .lst the only format to test passwords?
    Also is there a site that shows the fern windows and what all the parts i.e.. buttons mean?
    David Werner, Jan 14, 2014
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  2. David Werner

    miso Guest

    I don't follow exactly what you are trying to do since you don't explicitly
    indicate what software you are running. However, to avoid getting hacked,
    just use Steve Gibson's password generator.
    miso, Jan 15, 2014
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  3. David Werner

    David Werner Guest

    Running Linux BackTrack 5 r3 useing aircrack-ng
    David Werner, Jan 15, 2014
  4. David Werner

    miso Guest

    Well don't do that. ;-)

    So you set up a secure password then try a dictionary search? Does that make
    sense? You are supposed to run that hacker code to test your own system, but
    if you set the passwords to white noise, you already know that vector has
    been eliminated.

    In 2014, unless you don't give a shit, you need high entropy passwords.
    miso, Jan 15, 2014
  5. David Werner

    miso Guest

    Oh pla-lese!

    Tell you what. Use the besafe algorithm. Oh wait, that was the one that RSA
    got paid to make the default.
    miso, Jan 17, 2014
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