linux clients for W2K domains. (key words samba kerberos ldap winbind clients)

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by nerak99, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. nerak99

    nerak99 Guest

    I want to have my linux workstations (20-30 of them) authenticate against
    the domain and automount user home directories into /home/username. (rather
    like a NIS domain does for our Solaris network).

    The howtos I am reading on this topic seem to refer to linux and windows
    talking to samba servers.

    I do have one linux server on the domain but the users home shares (for
    normal Windows sessions) are on a W2K fileserver and to get the linux server
    authenticating for users web spaces I have used pam_smd and the users are
    all known to the linux server because they have accounts on it.

    Where do I go for help if I want Linux workstations (clients) to
    against windows 2000 servers/domains and automount windows shares.
    In this case they do not have accounts on the workstation for all the users.

    1) Do I need to change the way kerberos runs on the W2K server?

    2) Do I need to have each linux client running samaba or just the smb
    client software.

    3) Do I have to get the W2K server to genereate a ticket which I then
    transfer to the client. (The MS Tech Net source I have read seems to
    indicate this!)

    4) I assume that winbind will allow me to avoid having buckets of
    mirror accounts set up on the linux clients. I do this for the
    intranet server where I use pam_smb to authenticate but I realise that
    this is a more sophisticated problem.

    I have read a lots of docs so far but my experiments do not seem to be
    helping me make much progress. Please do not advise me to put MS NFS
    services onto the W2K servers.
    nerak99, Jan 17, 2004
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