Linux-Apache should beat W2K+3/IIS

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Diego Banuelos, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have an application called DBSP (Data Base Scripting Pages) which
    its specific purpose/advantage is to decrease dramatically the
    development time of database oriented web sites.

    It currently supports native DB connection & DB pooling to (Oracle,
    DB2, MS SQL server & Interbase). The learning curve of the language is
    aprox 1 week and the syntax is pretty simple (SGML alike). It includes
    users session control in real time and robust encryption
    algorithms(128 bits) for protecting sensitive data.

    You can download and test DBSP by yourselves here:

    Now the Linux part.

    Since long time ago I have been thinking on porting DBSP to Linux. I
    think DBSP could contribute a lot to the Linux community by being
    another strong and reliable alternative to Database-Web development.
    It seems like the .Net/MSSQL/IIS trilogy is perceived as the more
    reliable solution to Database-Oriented web applications (At least this
    is the goal of MS millions of dollars spent on marketing). I
    personally disagree. I think that a DBSP/Oracle/Apache ... or...
    DBSP/DB2/Apache ...or... the DBSP/Interbase/Apache ....or.... the
    DBSP/PostgreSQL/Apache could be an very reliable alternative, with
    shorter development times and lower costs on maintenance and hosting.

    The temporal difficulties.

    DBSP actually works as an ISAPI application and it's made in Delphi. I
    want to port it to a Linux SO using Kylix? and integrate it to Apache.
    The problem is that I'm a Linux newbie and I do not know where to
    start. :( Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    I have some questions:

    1. Which is the best Linux distribution or the most popular
    distribution for web servers?
    2. Which is the best language option for this kind of development? I
    mean, using Kylix seems to be the best option based on the actual
    source code, but maybe another language bring special advantages when
    creating an Apache SO.
    3. Does anyone knows a great site for newbie's Linux programmers that
    wants to port ISAPIs to SOs? (Just kidding. Any great site of
    introduction to Linux programming will be fine =) ).
    4. Is anyone interested in participate on this project?

    Thanks in advance

    Diego BaƱuelos

    Feel free to contact me at dbanuelos(-at-)dbsptech(dot)com
    Diego Banuelos, Feb 18, 2005
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