Linksys WUSB54G - Bad experience, seeking alternates / advice!

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Marc Brown, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Marc Brown

    Marc Brown Guest

    Subject says it all, really. I picked up one of these at Best Buy,
    installed it, and gave myself (and my brother) a four-hour headache trying
    to get WPA working with it (which was finally accomplished), only to note
    that the typical throughput is about 100-120 KBytes/second. Signal
    strength fluctuates between three and five bars, and it also seems to
    think I'm getting 24-54 Mb/s. I sure the heck am not. Stupid me for
    mapping a drive wirelessly; half the time, files sent to the wireless PC
    are completely lost because the bandwidth just wasn't good enough. This
    is totally unacceptable.

    Possibilities: WPA? It works, no doubt about that. I had to install a
    driver obtained from Microsoft's homepage. The router is definitely using
    WPA and the configuration menus for the Linksys WUSB54G definitely seem to
    be telling me that it's using WPA. Could this protection be causing the
    dramatically slow transfer rates? (If so, it's time to dump this adapter.)

    USB? It's not 2.0. So no 54Mb/s for me. But this does present some
    confusion. 11Mb/s is still whatever.. ~1300 Kbytes/second, right? I just
    don't see how the 100K/s I'm getting can be confused with 1300K/s.
    They're not even close. Plus, what does this mean about the rates the
    Linksys status menu tells me I'm getting? 24-54 Mb/s. That range
    shouldn't even be possible, I'd thought.

    Okay, enough of that. I've used a Linksys product now and I have a very
    bad taste in my mouth. The snippets I've read from the closest thing I
    could find to reviews have been suggesting that Linksys is crap and
    D-Link is gold. Is this accurate? I'm going to probably be trading my
    current device in for something else. At this stage, I'm thinking D-Link
    is the way to go. Perhaps I'm wrong. I do reckon I'll go ahead and
    remove the soundcard so I can put a wireless card in its place. That way,
    even if I get bit by the Linksys bottleneck again, I can still look
    forward to (by the current math) about 500KB/s, which is adequate for my

    Any help appreciated!
    Marc Brown, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Marc Brown

    Joe Hayes Guest

    I use a WRT54G router from Linksys and a notebook with built-in Broadcom 54g
    adapter and WPA has no noticeable impact on performance.
    Joe Hayes, Nov 30, 2003
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  3. Marc Brown

    DavidJ01 Guest


    Are you absolutely sure that this adapter supports WPA ? I have the same
    one and the documentation does not indicate it supports WPA, only WEP.
    This has also been confirmed verbally by Linksys tech support. Right now
    I'm waiting on written confirmation. Also, I was unable to enter a WPA key.
    The WZC utility, as well as the WLAN utility from Linksys did not allow a
    WPA key, only a 64 or 128 bit WEP key.

    Also, I think that the device itself (either the hardware or firmware) has
    to support WPA in order for the driver to have any affect. If the hardware
    doesn't support WPA, then I suspect you're not gaining anything from the
    driver you downloaded.

    And finally, as I think about this some more, what driver did you download ?
    I know there's a MS patch that's needed for WPA to work with XP, but its for
    hardware that's WPA compliant.

    DavidJ01, Nov 30, 2003
  4. Marc Brown

    dusan Guest

    yes linksys must have some problem new out of the box bios and drivers
    i just setup linksys on win xp home usb 54g and wrt54g bios 1.41.2 and i seen
    only 1mb transfer speed no wap used just mac filtering
    so next is to update wrt54g to latest bios and usb to latest bios and drivers
    and see if that helps, or its posible that this linksys usb54g is junk/lemon

    dusan, Nov 30, 2003
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