Linksys WGA11B and MAC Address Filtering

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Jon C. Hodgson, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    Here's a How-To guide on getting the WGA11B Wireless-B Game Adapter
    (Bridge) to work in a secured wirelss LAN. This is valid for firmware
    1.0.5, and setup wizard 1.05

    You should only need this info if you have MAC address filtering
    turned on in your WAP (Wireless Access Point). This also assumes that
    you know how to modify those settings on your WAP. It also assumes you
    have correctly configured all other settings, like WEP etc. The issue
    this solves is not getting a WLAN link light after configuration.

    I had a heck of a time getting it to work, after getting NO HELP from
    Cisco/Linksys, I resorted to using a sniffer to reverse engineer what
    the device was doing, I finally figured out the problem.

    The issue had to do with MAC Address Filtering (AKA Wireless Access
    Filter) on my WAP. This feature is used to limit what devices are
    allowed to connect to your WLAN by filtering on the hardware address
    of their network interface.

    Normally you enter the MAC Address printed on the sticker on the
    device (or you can also find it by pinging a device's IP and then
    doing an 'arp -a'). This MAC address is usually shared by the 10-BT
    Wired LAN connection and the Wireless interface. Linksys Tech Support
    ASSURED me that was the only MAC Address. It turns out that's FALSE. I
    determined that whenever you run the Setup Wizard and make a config
    change, the WGA11B sets it's WLAN interface to ALSO use the MAC
    Address of the PC you ran the Setup Wizard from. On Win2k you can get
    that MAC Address by opening a command prompt and typing 'ipconfig
    /all' and looking for your Ethernet adapter's "Physical Address" which
    will look something like "00-01-02-03-04-05"

    Then, in your WAP configuration, you must enter BOTH the MAC address
    from the sticker on the WGA11B AND the MAC address from the PC you ran
    the setup wizard on (2 separate entries). If you ever re-run the Setup
    Wizard from a different machine, you'll need to modify the second MAC
    entry in your WAP config.

    Hopefully this will help you with your WGA11B setup woes.

    - Jon
    Jon C. Hodgson, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. After finally getting WGA hooked into my PS2, I lost my WAN link light
    again. Once again, when I disabled MAC address filtering, link came
    back. I figured out why, so here's a correction to my previous post:

    10-b-ii. It turns out that the additional MAC address that the WGA
    uses IS NOT from the machine that you ran the Setup wizard on, but
    most likely that of the last machine to connect to it. After setting
    it up, and then disconnecting it from my wired LAN and then connecting
    it to my PS2 it seems that the secondary MAC Address was now that of
    the PS2's network connector. I determined this by opening a command
    prompt on a machine connected to my wireless network (via a wireless
    NIC only) and pinging the static IP i set on my WGA. I then did an
    'arp -a' to determine the MAC Address of the WGA's IP. I then entered
    that MAC as the second entry for MAC filtering in my WAP GUI. At that
    point everything worked again.
    Jon C. Hodgson, Dec 4, 2003
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