Linksys W11S4PC11 wireless router disconnects from internet

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by webgene, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. webgene

    webgene Guest

    I bought the Linksys W11S4PC11 wireless kit with the wireless adapter
    recently and I've had problems from day 1. My cable modem service is
    via OptimumOnline. That appears to be working fine. I am connecting
    via two IBM Laptops - one is a T20 running Windows XP Pro with the
    Linksys wireless adapter that came with the router; the other is a T40
    also running Windows XP Professional with an internal CISCO PCI
    wireless LAN adapter.

    The problem is that after a few hours (maybe 1 or 2) of surfing the
    web, I lose my connection to the internet on both machines. The
    wireless icon on the system tray says that I'm still connected to my
    SSID with a 'Very_Good' or 'Excellent' signal.

    All the lights on the cable modem and linksys router indicate that
    everything is fine i.e. cable modem is still connected to internet;
    router is still connected to modem but I can't connect to the
    internet; power is on etc.

    What appears to fix the problem is a hard reboot of both the router
    and the cable modem and then everything works ok again...for another 2
    hours or so, 3 if we're lucky. I always have to reboot the router in
    the morning. It never works after not been used for a few hours.

    I've tried all types of things including changing the channel on the
    router and changing the SSID on the router but nothing seems to work.
    I would have returned it but the store has a 14day return policy
    (something I just discovered). This leads me to my other
    adventure...a NETGEAR WGR614 to replace my Linksys. Another set of
    troubles which I'll post under another heading.

    In the meantime, any help on this Linksys issue would be much

    webgene, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. webgene

    m krosse Guest

    no solution found yet;

    additional symptoms

    run IBM T40 with XP and internal Cisco WLAN adapter
    also have problem with w2k on IBM 2647 thinkpad and Linksys PCMCIA

    so it probably aint the OS or the WLAN card.

    wap51ab talks to a Linksys befs41r cable router (also OptimumOnline)

    windows RESTART always fixes it;
    also, leaving house, connecting to WLAN elsewhere, then coming home
    usually fixes it

    sometimes, but not always, power recycle on WAP51AB
    sometimes, but not always, recycle the Aironet client to a LEAP or
    other profile, then back
    sometimes, but not always, turning off and on 'obtain DNS
    automatically' in the adapters Win Network properties

    'ipconfig /renew' always hangs

    have suspected interference from 900mhz and 2.4ghz phones in the
    house; but don't understand why Aironet & Win would report "Excellent"
    signal & "Associated" WLAN adapter if there was phone interference.

    will post here if i ever figure it out.
    m krosse, Nov 9, 2003
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