LAN Server Hard disk also USB compatible - Filename problems

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by frischmoutt, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. frischmoutt

    frischmoutt Guest

    The unit is either LAN or USB. Not both.

    -1- However, I first had problems while creating filenames or directory
    names from the LAN access:
    They were appearing in capital letters until I updated the tree with F5,
    then the letters were those I used when I wrote the names.

    Sometimes, when I forgot to update the tree, the names kept the CAPs.

    -2- Recently, I copied around 70 GB of files from my different HDs in order
    to have a complete second copy of my files, accessible through the network.

    I began through the LAN interface, quite slow, so I decided tu connect the
    disk through its USB interface used for maintenance. Pretty faster. Some
    problems occurred during the copy, but none I had to solve by renaming

    Today, reviewing the directories, I found that some directories are
    impossible to be opened through the USB connection.
    a) Some characters are not recognized. However, they are perfectly readable
    when I use the LAN cable again.

    b) Some other files and/or directories, appearing correctly under the LAN
    Session, are modified as DOS 8.3 filemanes under the USB access and copied
    accordingly wrong to a target disk.

    c) Copying files whick appear in low case letters on the LAN disk, sometimes
    results in caps letters on the target HD.

    The chipsets are: PL2506 for the USB interface and IP101A (??) for the
    10-100 Ethernet Transceiver.
    The network processor is an R2882, associated to a 4 MB flash PROM and a 512
    K DRAM dual bank.

    Please, may some networking guru answer to my different questions and tell
    me if this is a bug in the firmware or a conversion problem between this
    unit and my computer running under Win98SE ?

    Thanks in advance
    frischmoutt, Jan 3, 2007
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  2. frischmoutt

    Devs Guest

    I bought a Lanserver. It is pish. Works erratically and intermittently.
    Doesn't do NTFS. Send it back or bin it. Get something that works like
    one of the Buffalo units.
    Devs, Jan 4, 2007
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