ISC DHCPD and option 82 support...

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Clegg, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Clegg

    Clegg Guest


    I'm looking at migrating my network DHCP services to ISC DHCPD. I'm
    also going to be using option 82 on my switch, which will require an
    option-82-aware DHCP server (rules out the Windows DHCP server).

    Could anyone offer any information they've found helpful on implementing
    option 82 on ISC DHCPD? I've looked on the Internet and haven't come up
    with any information (maybe I'd have to install DHCPD first, then look
    at the docs, but I want to ensure that it will do what I need it to do
    before I spend the time setting it up, etc).

    Also, if you've found another DHCP server that you've found to have more
    features, be more stable, etc I would like to hear about it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tim Clegg
    Clegg, Jan 21, 2005
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  2. Clegg

    prg Guest

    Hmmm... option 82. Yes that would be answer 34 ;-)
    Answer 34 has it all. See below.
    Yes it can be a pain to download source just for the docs -- sometimes
    it's necessary. Look for [source-file].tgz so that you can easily pull
    out the docs.
    Well, except for smaller, fewer features, more "stable" and "secure"
    alternatives, ISC is pretty much the standard -- from the same folks
    that bring you bind.

    Answer 34: Now you know why we use words instead of numbers, dns names
    instead of IP addresses, and point folk's to the rfc we're referencing
    when when using terms like "option 82". Why not just say relay agent
    options? Saves us having to look it up.

    Since you don't mention your specific concerns re: relay agent options
    I can only point you to some on-line man pages. Strange that your
    Linux did not include them ;-)
    but no dhcrelay :-(

    Google sleuth continues and finds:
    which came from here:
    the only page I found with all the dhcp related man pages
    you _will_ meed them all to chase down questions that may arise

    These web based man pages have one distinct advantage -- readily

    I'm assuming that at this stage you're just looking for a "good" and
    "simple" dhcp server that will work/cooperate with the relay agent on
    your switch. If the relay agent is on the switch, then it is acting as
    a proxy for the client request -- afaik, from my experience, it's
    pretty much transparent to the dhcp server/client in _most_ cases (not
    all). Perhaps look at dhcpd -p switch if you need to use an alternate

    You will definitely also need to have handy:

    The man pages documenting ISC dhcpd scatter pertinent info throughout
    the different man pages, same info may appear multiple places before
    you get the "complete" story ;-)

    Only thing I find offhand re: relay agent options is:
    from dhcpd.leases(5):
    prg, Jan 21, 2005
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  3. Clegg

    Clegg Guest

    Answer 34: Now you know why we use words instead of numbers, dns names
    I don't have a Linux box ISC dhcpd installed (yet)... therefore, no man
    pages... :)
    Clegg, Jan 22, 2005
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