Is this possible: Connect to home pc via internet then dial out for free calls via home phone?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by ub8y05w02, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. ub8y05w02

    ub8y05w02 Guest

    Hi all,

    Im wondering if this is possible:

    Say have always a pc thats always on and connected to broadband
    internet, and you also have a dialup type modem in your pc which is
    plugged into your landline phone socket.

    What im wondering is if there is some way when you are away from home
    to connect to your home PC over the internet and make telephone calls
    via the computers modem, thereby using your home phone remotely? Does
    anyone know of any software that will let you do this, or some method
    of doing this?

    cheers for any replies,

    G T
    ub8y05w02, Nov 8, 2004
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  2. ub8y05w02

    Conor Guest

    What the hell for? Yes it can be done but it'll be shite.
    Conor, Nov 8, 2004
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  3. ub8y05w02

    Dave J Guest

    Well, if calling from the right place the local call will be free and
    you have up to a 33K (? I think) connection to your ISP.

    Could be useful in certain circumstances.

    To the OP, under XP setting up RAS for incoming ppp connections is
    easy enough, just go to 'new connection wizard' and choose 'set up
    advanced connection' under the connection type dialog. It then allows
    you to choose the device and username/password combos that are allowed
    to connect. AFAIK that is all that is required.

    I don't know about setting it's auto-answer options, but if you get
    that sorted then I _think_ the standard ICS junk will allow relay
    to/from your internet connection, and you might not even need that.
    I'm sure someone will correct me where I'm wrong.

    If you're not 9x or something then I think it's still doable by adding
    the windows plus pack from $soft's website.
    Dave J, Nov 8, 2004
  4. ub8y05w02

    ub8y05w02 Guest

    well ok, imagine this scenario for example, say you are away from home
    and have free internet access on your laptop or pda or similar, say
    from a public wifi hotspot, and you want to be able to make free
    telephone calls, i know there are a few VOIP providers that provide a
    few minutes free telephone calls per month, but imagine you have free
    calls via your home phone using OneTel or TalkTalk or something
    similar, wouldnt it be cool if you could connect to your home computer
    through the internet and get your computer to dial out using your free
    calls, and make free calls through the internet?

    can you please explain why will it be shite, is 56k not enough
    bandwidth for speech applications?

    best regards,

    G T
    ub8y05w02, Nov 8, 2004
  5. ub8y05w02

    ub8y05w02 Guest

    hi dave,
    thanks for your reply, but i think u might have misunderstood what i
    was trying to do?

    im not trying to connect to my home pc over the dialup line, im trying
    to connect to my home pc over my broadband internet connection, then
    somehow get my pc to dial out using the modem so i can remotely use my
    phone to make free phone calls.

    would this be possible with the instructions you have provided?

    G T
    ub8y05w02, Nov 8, 2004
  6. you would need a voice modem as a minimum to do this, and more likely
    a VoIP software application with a POTS line card. runs on Linux

    Phil Thompson, Nov 8, 2004
  7. ub8y05w02

    Peter M Guest

    Free calls to what ? Send your voice to someone in the UK ? Surely it
    would be easier and more convenient to pick up a phone, use some PAYG
    mobile, or a calling card. If you will be working elsewhere and want to
    make voice calls from somewhere with a suitable connection then BT's BBV
    (BroadBand Voice) with 'included' off-peak calls, or the BT Communicator
    software on some PC (which would make outgoing calls and have your home
    number as the calling ID), or use something else, like
    from the remote PC and pay at some fairly low per-minute charge.

    Where will you be (which country) when you are making these calls ?
    Peter M, Nov 8, 2004
  8. ub8y05w02

    Dave J Guest

    In MsgID<> within
    uk.telecom.broadband, '' wrote:

    No. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

    You'd need the sort of voice-modem that allows hands free telephone
    calls (via PC mic and speaker), and some sort of VOIP linkup between
    your home computer and the remote one. You would then need to patch
    these pieces of software together. Probably not that difficult, maybe
    even halfway possible with crafty settings in your sounds/multimedia
    control panel plus some way of telling the modem which number to dial.

    However, when I say 'not that difficult', I mean that I might be able
    to bodge something together if it was my equipment, but I cannot think
    of anything that would do it straight out of the box.

    Maybe someone else can?

    I agree that it's a nice idea, and one I hadn't thought of. My
    version, which I had already thought of for the time I finally get
    broadband, is a setup that allows a linkup to the modem port for
    _data_ calls. Not for any particular purpose, just as a toy. (Playing
    with BBSs etc)
    Dave J, Nov 8, 2004
  9. ub8y05w02

    ub8y05w02 Guest

    is a voice modem equivalent to a POTS line card?

    ive looked at asterisk before but from the website could never figure
    out exactly what it does, it seems really complicated. I guess it would
    do what i require, but i might need to spend ages learning how it works
    hehe. Plus i dont have a linux pc, running windows 2000, might have a
    look at installing it on Knoppix or some other "live" linux
    distribution though,

    cheers for the reply,

    G T
    ub8y05w02, Nov 8, 2004
  10. ub8y05w02

    ub8y05w02 Guest

    ub8y05w02, Nov 8, 2004
  11. ub8y05w02

    ub8y05w02 Guest

    i guess what i need is that program a previous poster mentioned called
    asterisk, will have to do some further research into this,

    G T
    ub8y05w02, Nov 8, 2004
  12. not exactly, its a modem with added voice functionality - for example
    it can do answer machine / voice mail functions by answering the phone
    and handling voice as opposed to just data.

    A POTS line card is a voice modem without the modem - its a POTS voice
    signal to digital audio convertor (and vice versa).,39026698,39106177s,00.htm is an
    application for making and receiving calls using any TAPI compliant
    voice device.

    If you want to walk before trying to run I would set yourself the goal
    of being able to make a prerecorded phone call from the PC, if you can
    do that you are some way to what you want to do.

    Asterisk is a telephone exchange built in software. If all the calls
    are VoIP then they arrive as digital data and it can route them, put
    them into voicemail etc. For connection to POTS phone systems it needs
    hardware like a POTS line card - to get the voice signal off a pair of
    wires into data format for it to handle.

    Products like
    provide an all-in-one VoIP to phone line hardware solution to fit into
    a computer which may do what you want.

    An FXS port is for connecting a phone, an FXO port is for connecting
    to an exchange. A VoIP gateway with one FXO port could sit on your
    LAN and dial out when you called it over VoIP - Vega25 for example

    Phil Thompson, Nov 9, 2004
  13. ub8y05w02

    poster Guest

    Mmmmmm, I put my own choice of 'music on hold' from one PC into another
    and had the voice-capable modem on when I was testing an Elsa modem for
    them (it was one with caller ID handling, too, and they supplied s/w to
    make it into a multi-mailbox voicemail handler and had a menu system if
    I had spent a lot more time working with it... trouble was it also had
    a bit of a bug, and a call from a mobile would get dropped at some very
    early stage in the announcements/menu output, which was frustrating esp
    as it worked OK from a landline, simply because the call was maintained
    by the caller connection staying on). I bet it could be done but seems
    so fragile as to risk keeping a call open for hours, while away, maybe!
    poster, Nov 9, 2004
  14. ub8y05w02

    Peter M Guest

    Difference would depend on whether it was for data or voice

    There will be some charges involved, and since it was far from clear quite
    waht your connection and idea was, from the original post, I felt it worth
    asking a few things. Seems like you will spend (in hardware and time) for
    the sake of saving a few coppers at the end of the day... much depends on
    how long you would be away from home, etc, etc, etc... Good luck !!
    Peter M, Nov 9, 2004
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