is there a software port scanner that says open/closed/stealth?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by jameshanley39, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. is there a port scanner that says open/closed/stealth?

    I know stealth isn't any better than closed. But the reason why I ask
    about one is because

    for my LAN, suppose I have a comp on whome I want to know if it's
    running a firewall.

    There's an easy to check that works for comps on my LAN - it works
    easily on my LAN 'cos it's not going through a router.

    The windows firewall, and other software firewalls like sygate or
    norton, stealth ports. And they tend to do so to all ports except ones

    If I scan a comp and see a port e.g. 451 is CLOSED that indicates to
    me that no software firewall is running. If I scan it and it says
    STEALTH, then it indicates that it is.

    This is useful.. Because for troubleshooting, sometimes, I wonder if a
    comp is running a firewall.

    e.g. I've had a comp that couldn't access the internet.. As far as
    I knew it didn't have a firewall. It turned out that a broken software
    firewall was stopping it. One that hadn't uninstalled properly

    Another example. I had a laptop, I couldn't ping it for some reason.
    I didn't think it likely that it was running a firewall. But I was
    aware that a firewall often blocks ping. I couldn't see one, and pre
    sp2 there's no firewall icon. Turned out that win xp , pre xp2, has a
    firewall - ICF. I wasn't aware of that. If I could have tested to see
    if it had a firewall it'd have been quicker. A way to test would've
    been to see if ports wre stealthed.

    Up until now, I have tested this by opening some port on my router,
    then scanning that port with an online port scanner, like GRC. But my
    beloved current router, as nice as it is, working beautifully. It has
    a nasty non-geeky user interface, and I really can't stand doing any
    port forwarding on it. I'd much rather just test it from one comp on
    my LAN, to another. Then I don't have to touch the router.

    The online port scanners say open or closed or stealth. I'm wondering
    if a software one does.

    jameshanley39, Jun 20, 2007
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