iptables rule disappear after restart the service

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by athatisme4, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. athatisme4

    athatisme4 Guest

    Hi all,

    I use Fedora core 3

    i use iptables -L then show a list of rules that running,
    then i try to add new rule, and /etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables restart .
    I use iptables -L, there is nothing rule i can see~ why ??
    athatisme4, Aug 13, 2006
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  2. athatisme4

    Unruh Guest

    Because iptables does not memorize everything you tell it. It places it in
    short term storage. When you restart, it reads what it needs from long term
    storage ( the disk) and since you did not place your changes into long term
    storage, it is gone.
    Unruh, Aug 13, 2006
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  3. Indeed, though he can utilize the system init script to do just

    # /etc/init.d/iptables
    Usage: /etc/init.d/iptables

    # lsb_release -d
    Description: Fedora Core release 5 (Bordeaux)

    Should be the same on FC3 and an additional ncurses tool called
    'lokkit' allowing for easy configuration suitable for some basic
    firewall. Or just read the iptables script what it does.

    Would be nice if the OP could stop multi-posting, seems another
    G/2 cancer? Don't they tell how to cross-post and does it work
    with their interface? Taking into account it is after a few years
    still labeled "beta"?
    Michael Heiming, Aug 13, 2006
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