IPTABLES limit bandwidth?

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Supercell, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Supercell

    Supercell Guest


    I am trying to limit the bandwidth of a particular port and hoped I
    could use iptables for this. I am aware of the --limit parameter, but I
    don't know how to set it up to say, limit the outgoing throughput to
    say 512Kbits/sec. Is this possible with IPTALBES or am I going to have
    to try something else?


    Supercell, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. You should look for QoS and the tc command. Take a look at
    the LARTC howto at http://lartc.org.


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    Jose Maria Lopez Hernandez, Mar 11, 2005
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  3. Supercell

    abhtiw Guest

    iptables --limit option is used only to limit the number of times a
    particular rule is applied in a given time. I dont see how that can be
    used to limit the bandwidth. Use tc to limit and iptraf/stakrate/bwm etc
    to monitor.

    Drishti Soft
    abhtiw, Mar 11, 2005
  4. Supercell

    Ole Borup Guest

    Ole Borup, Mar 14, 2005
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