ip address wont go away

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Roy, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Roy

    Roy Guest

    clean install on win98
    have pci ethernet card configured and working fine
    tried releasing through winipcfg and ip wont leave.
    am plugged into home network which is giving out 10.x.x.x
    addresses. is the addy that wont go away

    Roy, Jul 15, 2003
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  2. Roy

    dj.forest Guest

    ah hah .. but configuration of wireless networking is more popular than you
    might think

    dj.forest, Jul 15, 2003
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  3. Yep, that will do it every time. Glad it was easy to fix.
    Richard G. Harper [MVP Win9x], Jul 15, 2003
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