Internet Multicasting Puzzle

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by John Tilly, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. John Tilly

    John Tilly Guest

    I am trying to figure out why a client can't see UDP packets generated from
    my Multicasting server. Here are the facts:

    - Mandrake Linux v9.1 OS
    - Perl UDP Socket
    - DSL/ppp0 interface to Internet
    - Destination, 234.x.x.x:portB
    - TTL = 255

    Client (across Internet)-
    - Java app./socket
    - Linksys DSL router (DMZ - no security settings for testing purposes)
    - DSL connection to Internet
    - Multicast Group added through Java app.

    - Ethereal sniffer on both server and client
    - Packet Length = 104 bytes
    - TTL verified
    - frame captured - sent 88 bytes from 207.x.x.x:portA to 234.x.x.x:portB

    The client can't see the messages!

    Any suggestions of what to try would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance,

    John Tilly, Aug 28, 2003
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