internet + LAN through same switch = security issue?

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Jéjé, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Jéjé

    Jéjé Guest


    what is the security implication if I put the traffic from 2 subnetworks on
    the same physical switch?

    I use a dedicated ISA Server computer with 2 NICs for my firewall and VPN
    access. (1 nic connected to the net, the second to the LAN)
    This ISA Server is my default router for my internal users.
    So for my actual location, the internet and LAN networks not share the
    physical cables. (1 switch for the net and another for the LAN; only my ISA
    Server share the 2 subnets.)

    Our company will move, and for the moment I've a setup issue for my network.
    all my local network cables go to a communication room (where I have the
    phone system and the internet router)

    Because I keep my servers in another room and because from this second room
    to my communication room I have only 1 network cable, my internet trafic and
    LAN trafic will go through the same cable and the same switch.

    My actual switch is unmanaged (a linksys one)

    So I presume there is a security issue (?)
    My internal users will continue to use my ISA Server as the default router.

    for the moment I have 2 options:
    option 1: new cable from the comm. room to the server room
    option 2: puting the ISA Server in the comm. room directly

    I think the option 1 is the better way.
    option 2 cause some problem (due to the comm room access and future

    But before this, I want to know the security issues of sharing the same
    and I want to know if I can use a different setup?
    Does a managed switch or router allow me to control where the traffic will

    thanks for your comments.

    Jéjé, Dec 30, 2004
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