Inconsistant performance on a D-link wireless network (DI-614+ & DWL-520+)

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Gabriel Afana, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. I am running a wireless network with a 2.4 Ghz router (DI-614+) which is
    suppose to support 22Mbits/second and I am using DWL-520+ wireless network
    cards. Sometimes this thing works great! It seems as if I am wired. Pages
    load instant, downloads are full speed...everything. Other times it
    crawls...times out, and doesn't work at all.
    As far as I know I am configured good (3.0.5 drivers with version 1.9
    firmware). I was thinking maybe I should have gone with the 54Mbit system
    (5.4 Ghz), but when this system is actually working, it works great.
    What could be causing this inconsistency? I noticed it seems to work
    better at night (maybe wireless system is temp. sensitive because our A/C is
    broken and it gets really hot during the day). Right now my signal is
    "Good" with 96% link quality and 76% Signal Strength. Is that good? Would
    an antenna booster help any? Any ideas, support, insight or experiences
    would be helpful! Thanks everybody.

    Gabriel Afana, Aug 11, 2003
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  2. Gabriel Afana

    M. Smith Guest

    Most people aren't going to notice a faster wireless system in home use. The
    reason is that most internet connections - even cable and DSL broadband
    ones - rarely run faster than 1.5Mbits/sec download. So, even the standard
    11 Mbs speed is about seven times faster than your fastest home broadband

    As far as your periodic speed problems, you need to figure out where the
    choke point is actually occurring.

    1. It =could= be your wireless system. We're talking radio waves and they
    can be subject to interference. Double check your settings and see if you
    notice a pattern as to when the network slows. It could be that
    repositioning the transmitter or laptop will fix the problem.

    2. Or, it =could= be your broadband connection. ANY network - cable or DSL -
    will suffer periodic slowdowns for a dozen different reasons. Could be an
    overloaded server at the web site you're viewing. Could be a router causing
    problems somewhere in between. Could be technical problems at your ISP.
    Could be local congestion from other users. (Cable users sometimes notice
    this during peak-use evening hours.)

    If your speed bumps are due to reason #2, then your wireless has nothing to
    do with it.
    M. Smith, Aug 12, 2003
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  3. Gabriel Afana

    mr_scary Guest

    I have the same device (the di-614+) working with a linksys pci card
    on W2k and was initially disappointed with the signal strength. For
    me, moving it away (and actually six feet further from the nic)
    increased the signal/quality to 100%/100%. It stays that way *all
    day*. The device was near two other computers and a UPS.

    A few questions for your setup:

    a) How far away are the nic and router?

    b) Is either near any electrical devices? This includes any wiring.

    c) In what sort of environment do you live? Downtown, suburbs, rural?

    d) Are there any transmission towers (or suchlike things) nearby
    Well that's only true if the wireless network strength is near 100%.
    He should check the meter thingy during slow times to see if the
    signal/quality has been affected. This would "seem" rule out the
    broadband possibility.
    mr_scary, Aug 12, 2003
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