Incomplete Browse List After Active Directory 2003 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by tsalciccia, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. tsalciccia

    tsalciccia Guest

    I upgraded our Active Directory Domain to 2003 from 2000. The upgrade itself
    went without any problems. The only residual item is the Browse List - which
    was working well under the 2000 Domain. NetBIOS is and has always been
    running on all machines. The Server Service is running on all machines as
    well. Now after the Domain 2003 upgrade the Browse List for the domain is
    incomplete. There should be approximately 125 objects in the browse list,
    including about 15 servers and the rest XP workstations. I am now seeing only
    about 35 objects post-upgrade. These objects include a smattering of
    workstations and servers from 3 out of 5 VLAN's (that is, 2 VLAN's are now
    completely missing). We are operating in a single site.

    I promoted 2 new Server 2003 machines as Domain Controllers. I have 3
    existing Win2k DC's which I am going to demote and then remove. One of the
    two new DC's (WV1-SDC01) has received all of the FSMO roles, including the
    PDC Emulator; this machine is also running WINS and DHCP. The W2k machine
    that was running WINS and DHCP had the "IsDomainMaster" registry entry for
    Browser Parameter set to TRUE, which I subsequently set to FALSE. Conversely,
    on the new W2k3 machine, I set IsDomainMaster to TRUE (was FALSE initially).

    The new DHCP server on WV1-SDC01 is configured to point clients to the new
    WINS server on the same machine. I have verified that clients from all VLAN's
    are getting their IP's from the new W2k3 DHCP server and are registering in
    WINS on the W2k3 server. I did not "move" either of the DHCP or WINS
    databases. Initially, I replicated the old WINS server with the new one on
    WV1-SDC01 to make sure that records for the machines existed in WINS. I then
    turned down the old DHCP server, authorized the new DHCP server on WV1-SDC01
    and then rebooted all the clients.

    I configured an account for DNS Updating in DHCP. Initially this account was
    only in the DnsUpdateProxy group, and I was receiving 566 (dnsNode Object
    Access) errors in the Security log. These ceased after I added the account to
    the DNS Admins group.

    Another very strange thing I noticed is that the Backup Browser as reported
    by both "BrowStat Status" and the old "BrowMon" is constantly changing. If I
    run "Browstat Status" on WV1-SDC01, WV1-SDC02 (the other new 2003 DC) and
    BrowMon on one of the old DC's (named BOS1), I generally get different
    results for the Backup Browsers than the BrowStat. If I run "BrowStat Status"
    several times in a row on WV1-SDC01, I get a different result set about every
    15 seconds. It's like a "Browsers Gone Wild" video. Here's a sample output.

    Status for domain XXXXX on transport
    Browsing is active on domain.
    Master browser name is: WV1-SDC01
    Master browser is running build 3790
    3 backup servers retrieved from master WV1-SDC01
    There are 36 servers in domain IN-THREE on transport
    There are 3 domains in domain IN-THREE on transport

    Note: On the 3 domains: one is 2 public DNS servers, the other is a
    "workgroup" machine, a new install.

    Has anyone seen this kind of activity? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    tsalciccia, Nov 28, 2006
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  2. In tsalciccia <> stated, which I commented
    Interesting issue. Curious, are the WINS server only pointing to themselves
    for WINS? This is actually a requirement in order that it owns it's own
    record. This may also be a firewall issue, but that's a guess at this point,
    since you state it worked prior to this.

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    Ace Fekay [MVP], Nov 28, 2006
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  3. tsalciccia

    tsalciccia Guest

    The WINS server (WV1-SDC01) is pointing to itself. I noticed in 2003 that you
    cannot add Primary and Secondary WINS servers to itself (which is also
    recommended in W2k). There is no internal firewall; traffic is unrestricted
    between VLAN's. I am going to demote 2 of the old W2k Servers today and see
    if that brings any stability to the system.
    tsalciccia, Nov 28, 2006
  4. In tsalciccia <> stated, which I commented
    But whether you can do it or not, the only WINS entry in the IP properties
    of a WINS server must ONLY be itself. This is true for NT4- Win2003 WINS

    Maybe something in the VLAN that the firewall or the switch that 2003
    doesn't like?

    Ace Fekay [MVP], Nov 30, 2006
  5. In tsalciccia <> stated, which I commented

    I would be concerned. For some reason, the master is dropping out, and
    that's what causes the election. What errors are in the Event viewers? Is
    there good connectivity?

    Ace Fekay [MVP], Dec 2, 2006
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