Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Giobbe, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Giobbe

    Giobbe Guest

    I'd like to have some explanations about the handshake times. I used
    racoon to establish an IPsec SA between two computers on my LAN. The LAN
    latency time is about 0.110 ms and I measured the sending and receiving
    of packets with Ethereal. I did the test many times, always getting
    approximately the same values:

    Time Source Dest
    0.00000 Identity Protection (Main Mode)
    0.000919 Identity Protection (Main Mode)
    0.063076 Identity Protection (Main Mode)
    0.011600 Identity Protection (Main Mode)
    0.038176 Identity Protection (Main Mode)
    0.000239 Identity Protection (Main Mode)
    0.000174 Informal
    0.009175 Informal
    1.100225 Quick Mode
    0.012896 Quick Mode
    0.006931 Quick Mode

    I always get a really high time value in the first message of quick mode
    exchange!!! It's 1 second!!! It's really a lot!!! I cannot figure out
    why!!! Can someone help me? The network latency time is low, it means
    that these time values are due to computation on the peers... which
    operation requires so much time? The first and second message should
    require the same computation on both peers as the operations are the
    same (in my case ESP tunnel mode negotiation, but the result doesn't
    change if I try ESP transport mode).

    Giobbe, Nov 25, 2004
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