IE4 says Web Page Unavailable, but system can ping external domain names just fine

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by frank, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. frank

    frank Guest

    Thanks in advance for any ideas. I'm running Windows 98, and IE 4. I
    have internet connectivity through DSL, and can sucessfully ping
    external IP addresses, as well as sucessfully ping external domain
    names (like Yet IE presents the 'web page unavailable'
    error when I enter in IE's Address field, and/or when I
    choose File | Open, and enter in the Open field.

    This same system used to be able to surf the web just fine. The only
    thing that has changed, to my knowlegde, is that now it is on a
    network, behind a Linksys router, (the router is acting as a DHCP

    Ipconfig shows that the system is receiving its IP address just fine,
    and the system can ping other internal hosts. Other hosts which
    receive their IP from the same router on the same subnet can surf the
    web just fine. There are no IP address conflicts, and there are plenty
    of IP's to go around.

    (As an aside, if I can successfully ping external domain names (ping from this system, then entering IP addresses in the
    Address field of the browser and attempting to reach the site that
    way, is useless in troubleshooting, right? In other words, if I can
    sucessfully ping external domain names, then I have no DNS server
    problems, right?)

    Is this a hosts file problem?
    frank, Jul 11, 2003
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  2. frank

    Phil Guest

    (frank) wrote in
    Something's wrong with your IE settings. Check to make sure you aren't
    trying to go thrugh a proxy server. Tools, Internet Options, Connections,
    LAN Settings, everything unchecked. Maybe different in IE 4.0.
    Phil, Jul 11, 2003
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  3. frank

    jazz Guest

    it looks like your router isn't set up properly.

    question how many computers are accessing the router? out of these computers
    how many get internet access (successfully). may have some relevant procedure for you to try. most dsl
    router will be able to handle the pppoe and sometime even the modem itself
    will. on some of the dsl modems I have used have a feature that allows you
    to switch computers accessing the internet. this is annoying when your
    trying to share your internet among other computer.

    if you have 3 or so computers and only one is getting internet then this is
    the direction to look in. the router will detect the internet as a network
    connection and allow traffic to go thru but it won't allow the dns services
    to be completed to the other computers. that is why you could ping the
    address but not the name.

    if you have 3 or more computers and all but one is accession the internet
    then I am way off track and it would probably be the internet explorer
    settings as suggested in an earlier post.
    jazz, Jul 11, 2003
  4. frank

    frank Guest

    I didn't say that I could not ping the name. I said that I COULD ping
    the name:

    "> >and can sucessfully ping external IP addresses, as well as
    (There are five other computers on the subnet, and all five can
    simultaneously and/or individually access the internet just fine.) IE
    on the system that can't surf is not set to look for a proxy server.

    Also, the IP address of the system that can't surf is pingable by
    other hosts on the network. It can also ping the gateway just fine.
    Attempting to surf through IE to the IP address of external sites
    doesn't work (but, again, I can ping external IP's, as well as ping
    external domain names (like

    Is this an lmhosts file problem? A hosts file problem?

    Before the browser displays the "The page cannot be displayed"
    message, I see "c\...SHDOCLC.DLL/dnserror.htm" after it attempts to
    contact the IP address of the default home page.

    Does that mean that that DLL is corrupted? TIA.
    frank, Jul 12, 2003
  5. frank

    dj.forest Guest

    Maybe back up some for a min.
    All 6 machines are connected to same DSL modem via single router, with 5
    machines connecting ok.
    You cant access Any site in IE using IP name address? (you only mention
    Does any Net application connect? What about OE or FTP or Telenet or mIRC or
    WMP6 or Winamp etc.

    What happens if you access Yahoo in IE via following on that machine that
    doesnt work? or MS
    If that works, its DNS issue, machine setup maybe? ... also maybe update to
    DUN1.3 update, (which includes updated winsock), may even correct something
    thats corupt?
    If above didn't connect, try using winipcgf, .... what is shown for DNS
    server on machine that doesnt work vs one that does? (likely should be the
    Router address for all machines).
    Are any of the other machines also Win98, so you can compare TCP/IP settings
    to a working machine?
    You should also be able to temp rename Hosts and LMhosts if you want to rule
    those out for pease of mind.

    If All the TCP/IP settings are for shure correct, Just for Grins, run
    Internet Connection Wizard, and tell it you now connect via Lan, (you likely
    already have OE or Outlook already setup, so just decline setting up mail in
    the wizard).

    dj.forest, Jul 13, 2003
  6. frank

    dj.forest Guest

    reading back again, and thinking ...
    Yeah, if ping and tracert work using site name, then machine is accessing
    DNS thru router ok, (at least via Dos window).

    Do you have any tools like TDImon or TCPView, , that lets you monitor
    TCP and UDP i/o activity, (there are other utils, i just happen to have
    those). Using something like that you can view the connect attempt (or lack
    of) when IE used, as compared to connect attempt with ping and tracert or
    other Net apps, (FTP or OE or ?). note newer Norton program's symtdi.vxd
    has conflict with TDImon's tdimsys.vxd. (i don't use norton protect and just
    rename norton's symtdi.vxd)

    Other things to try now or later, reinstalling IE from the CD, or i forget,
    is there a Repair IE option for IE4 like there is for IE5.x (via the
    add/remove programs). You didnt mention if you also have software firewall
    on that machine, if so uninstall it (not just disable) and test IE. Boot
    with start up programs disabled (disable via msconfig or Reg), but you
    likely already tried that.

    dj.forest, Jul 13, 2003
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