IBM Netfinity 5000 (Model 8659-12Y): Slow LAN manager network performance

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Andreas Meile, May 12, 2005.

  1. Dear IBM hardware users

    In our IT we have running a special *.PQI storage server (Linux with Samba,
    equipped with a 250 GB RAID volume) to store images backup of the whole IT
    equipment. On this server, there's installed Powerquest DriveImage 2002 and
    we access to it with a MS-DOS based boot floppy which we have created
    individually for every kind of NIC.

    This solutions works perfectly on every hardware except the server
    mentionned in the title. There we are using the PCNTND.DOS driver (file
    length 52'736 bytes, creation/modification date July 8th, 1996). This driver
    correctly detects the built-in AMD pcNet NIC in this server, it also
    correctly starts PQDI from the NET USEd drive, but when starting a backup,
    the speed falls down to about 7 MB per minute (we have a 100 MBit/s Ethernet
    so normally we get about 120 MB/min) or lower.

    I already was looking for an alternate driver. On AMD's homepage, PCNTND.DOS
    is the only one and IBM does not even list a DOS LAN manager driver in its
    support area. There are no PROTOCOL.INI specific parameters for the AMD
    pcNet. IBM says that there's a special fault-tolerant NIC in this server.
    The installed Windows NT 4.0 Server runs with full network performance so
    there's no hardware problem.

    Any hints to solve this problem are appreciated. :)

    Andreas Meile, May 12, 2005
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