I look for simple tunnel

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Kasek, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Kasek

    Kasek Guest

    I look for simple tunnel
    I have 1 computer on linux behind NAT (with root privileges), 2
    computer on HP-Unix with simple user's privileges.
    I look for tunnel which is simple for compilation and does not require
    on kernel patches.
    On HP-UNIX I - would start
    #> server port1-listens port2-listens
    On Linuks behind NAT I would initiate connection and keep it for all
    #> client myport-listening IPhpunix port2-from-server_hp_unix

    #>server 60000 60001
    #>client 80 60001
    wherever on world #> lynx 2computer:60000 would redirect me to
    1computer:80 by 60000:2computer:60001 <===>x:1computer:80

    I know, vtun can do it for me, BUT vtun requires root privileges
    (I'm only simple user on HP-unix) and vtun requires a special kernel
    driver which is available only for Linux, BSD and Solaris. (HP-unix
    root user is not my acquaintance)

    Vtun is not for me :'-(

    another simple tunnel exists?
    Kasek, Jun 24, 2003
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  2. Kasek

    Kasek Guest

    This is only choice programmers, who were programming it.
    There is no obstacles theoretically to exist simple listening on two
    high ports harbours tunnel (and so will suffice used user privileges)
    and doing such redirects, how I wrote.

    Maybe simple tunnel exist?
    PS .For example http-tunnel (hts and htc) )is a small, simple, easy
    for compilation on any unix - tunnel. But it do not it I want.
    At host REMOTE, start hts like this:
    hts -F localhost:23 8888
    At host LOCAL, start htc like this:
    htc -F 2323 -P PROXY:8000 REMOTE:8888
    or, if using a buffering HTTP proxy:
    htc -F 2323 -P PROXY:8000 -B 48K REMOTE:8888

    Now you can do this at host LOCAL:
    telnet localhost 2323
    and you will hopefully get a login prompt from host REMOTE.
    Kasek, Jun 24, 2003
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  3. Is the HP box running any ssh daemon and directly accessible from the
    internet? Ssh can tunnel tcp ports (if allowed). For example:

    ssh -L 60000: [email protected]

    or in ~/.ssh/config

    LocalForward 60000

    Then connecting to localhost:60000 would connect you to 2computer:60001
    (which to 2computer would appear to be coming from its localhost).

    In my case our HP3000 (running MPE/iX) is not directly accessible from
    internet. But I can do an ssh tunnel to our Linux smtp server to access
    HP3000 on remote LAN from Reflection (vtmgr) on a Win98 box on my LAN (in
    ~/.ssh/config for that Host):

    GatewayPorts yes
    LocalForward 1537
    LocalForward 1570

    David Efflandt, Jun 25, 2003
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