How to redirect crashed server UNC to temp server? Kerberos issue?

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by pcgnow, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. pcgnow

    pcgnow Guest

    I had a server crash on me today (bad mobo). Of course all our printers are
    on there. Until I can get it back online, how can I redirect UNC paths to a
    temp server hat I have installed all the printers on.

    I changed the DNS record CName, WINS etc. Now I can ping the server. But UNC
    will not work. I get a message about the computer account not being correct.
    I know it's not correct it is a temp server!!

    I have already added the registry key per

    I think this is possibly a Kerberos issue. Dynamic DNS maybe? This should be
    a simple process but in over my head. Also, I need to keep the old computer
    account in place so I can bring it back online. Just need to point the UNC to
    the temp server and have them work. Thanks!!
    pcgnow, Mar 22, 2007
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  2. pcgnow

    pcgnow Guest

    I think I answered my own question. The UNC's/printers work now after
    disabling the computer account of the crashed server. The question now... was
    that the best thing to do?

    If a server crashes and you want to redirect unc/printers to a temp server.
    Would the proceedure be to:

    Delete the current DNS entry.
    Create a new DNS CName for temp server.
    Create a static WINS entry pointing to temp server.
    Disable crashed server's computer account.
    UNC's and printers will now work to temp server.

    Anyone see any issues by doing these things. Will the old computer account,
    etc come back when I get the mobo replaced?

    Bonus points on explaining ( or pointing me to a good resource) the
    significance of the comptuer and relationship to UNC/Printer paths. Thanks!!
    pcgnow, Mar 23, 2007
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