?How to Convert Wireless Router to Wireless Hub

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by ted jordan, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. ted jordan

    ted jordan Guest

    i currently have a setup like belo wan port (empty, not plugged in)
    inet - firewall --hub --wire - AP lan port (plugged into here)
    (dhcp enabled) \ \
    \ \
    PCs PCs (wireless)

    I plug the wire into the Access Point (AP) lan port because
    i do not want to use the gateway features. I want it to
    act as a Hub.

    This works well except every now & then the wireless network
    drops. The wired side functions fine.

    (There was no setting as far as I can tell to tell the
    Dlink AP that I wanted to use it only as a hub, so I fake
    out the WAN settings with a fake wan side static address
    ( & gateway (, and give the AP

    I also add a DNS entry (because the AP makes me), and I
    make it the same address of our firewall (

    Could this be causing the wireless network drops? Do I really need to
    make it a gateway like below?
    inet - firewall --hub --wire - AP wan port (plug here)
    (dhcp enabled) \ \lan port (unplugged)
    \ \
    PCs PCs (wireless)

    or could something else be causing the drops?

    So if I do the above, can I make the gateway WAN address
    settings on the AP be or should
    i make it

    will this keep the wireless network from dropping? (the wired
    side stays okay).

    Is this the best way to convert a wireless router into a
    wireless access point?

    ted jordan, Jan 17, 2004
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  2. ted jordan

    Mike Clay Guest

    I have a buffalo that flashed the 'diag' light constantly in this config,
    but it works.

    I have a new microsoft mn700 that actually has a setting to allow it to work
    this way - it was $ 80 cdn, so if yours doesnt do it, maybe pick up one of
    these, which does quite nicely.
    Mike Clay, Jan 21, 2004
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