How do I run a web server behind a modem/router on port 80.

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Robbie, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Robbie

    Robbie Guest


    I have a Billion BiPac ADSL Modem/Router that has NAT configured to
    forward all traffic on all ports to eth1 on my machine which has the IP

    I set up Apache Tomcat to run on port 80 and port 8080. Both are
    accessible locally fine using http://localhost and
    http://localhost:8080 in my browser.

    However, the weird thing is that even when I run my web server as root,
    going to port 80 on my IP address from a remote unix shell does not
    work (links says "making connection" for ages then times out), but
    going to it from a remote shell with links specifing http://<my
    ip>:8080 it works fine. I do not have iptables compiled into my kernel
    however I did try to install it using "emerge iptables" on linux
    however it complained that the kernel didnt support it.

    Solutions ive tried so far that havent worked:

    Setting up rinetd to forward all traffic from port 80 to 8080. This
    worked locally only.
    Running Tomcat as root. This worked locally only.

    Anyone got any solutions?
    I need to have users be able to access my machines port 80 remotely. Im
    running Gentoo Linux. Being able to not have the server run as root
    would also be nice. Does xinetd drop root privileges if you specify in
    its config file that it starts a server as the root user?

    Robbie, Jul 16, 2005
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  2. Robbie

    Grant Guest

    Check if ISP blocks port 80, some do, charge more for it... Check
    if modem is forwarding port 80. Some block it by default.

    Don't worry about a firewall until you brave enough to turn off the
    modem's firewall :)

    Grant, Jul 16, 2005
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  3. Robbie

    Robbie Guest

    They definately dont as I used to run this website on a windows 2000
    server with no problems and each time I reboot to windows it works.
    Robbie, Jul 16, 2005
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