how can a machine has both a real domain name and a bogus domain name?

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Alex Shi, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Alex Shi

    Alex Shi Guest


    I have a home network with a bogus domain, like mydomain.home.
    Machines in the home lan all have a home IP address like 10.5.5.*, and
    a home domain name. The server's name is lion.mydomain.home, and it's
    IP is I also have a real IP address, and I am thinking to
    host a real domain name. My question is, how can I setup the real
    domain, so that the server can have a real domain name? Should I just
    create a new zone file, and add a record for it in the named.conf?
    Thanks in advance!

    Alex Shi
    Alex Shi, Jun 30, 2003
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  2. Your machine can only have a single hostname but can have many domains
    pointing to its IP, you only need to edit your named.conf if your dns server
    is the name server for your real domain. I _personally_ would change the
    server's hostname to and then add subsiquent domains that only work
    on your local net, eg (no need to make the world aware of
    these hosts so only add them to your lan's dns server for reverse lookup for
    example). On the other hand you can leave your machine as it is and it
    shouldn't cause too many problems, virtual hosts can be used for apache and
    proftpd. In that case your machine can be reached from both and

    Nathan D Higgins

    Email: nathan[at]link9[dot]net
    MSN: nathan[at]link9[dot]net
    Nathan Higgins, Jul 1, 2003
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  3. Whether you can do your own DNS for your public IP depends upon whether
    you have a static IP. If you have a dynamic public IP, you can search for
    'dns hosting' to find some services that can assign names to a dynamic IP
    (they have a binary for updating them to your current IP). I use which has subdomains for free or your own domain for a fee.

    I assign each computer a real internet hostname (makes mail easier), but
    use private names in local DNS forward/reverse zones for my private IPs
    (although each has its public name pointed at its own nic IP, so it can
    find itself by its hostname).

    Having multiple names pointing to an IP (even multiple A records) is no
    problem. Although, I think reverse DNS can only resolve an IP to one
    David Efflandt, Jul 1, 2003
  4. Alex Shi

    Dan Guest will provide dns for free for 5 domains, with as many
    sub-domains as you want.

    Dan, Jul 2, 2003
  5. if you're IP is dynamic used with zoneedit for the proper
    domain, the perfect parnters, just create a cname pointing to the dyndns

    Nathan D Higgins

    Email: nathan[at]link9[dot]net
    MSN: nathan[at]link9[dot]net
    Nathan Higgins, Jul 2, 2003
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