Help! File Sharing Not Working Between XP & 98 PCs!

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by chughes1, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. chughes1

    chughes1 Guest

    I have an XP PC and a 98 PC and I'm trying to see the 98 files on the
    XP machine. That is, I'm attempting to share the 98 files so I can
    access them from the XP machine. Both PCs are set up with a WORKGROUP
    workgroup and I shared the files on the 98 machine, but the WORKGROUP
    folder on the XP machine remains empty. Can someone point out what I
    might be missing? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    chughes1, Dec 3, 2005
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  2. chughes1

    neek Guest

    Workgroup is a networking setup, not a folder. You name the workgroup from
    the identification tab in network properties. It is easier if both computers
    workgroup have the same name. You choose what folders to share when you
    right click on the folders (or drives) themselves and choose sharing. Then
    you have the options of giving them a name, access restrictions, password
    protection. They will be what you see when you look at the computers in your
    workgroup. I am no expert, but I hope this helps.
    neek, Dec 4, 2005
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  3. chughes1

    chughes1 Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I already set all that up. I have both
    PCs in the same workgroup and set sharing permissions on my drives.
    However, I can't see either machine from the other. I have a wireless
    network and both PCs are able to access the internet. What I'm seeing
    is on the XP machine, all the drives I'm sharing on that PC show up in
    that PC's workgroup. But I don't see any of the XP machine's drives
    there. On the XP machine, I don't see the shared 98 folders and
    files, and I also don't see the XP's own shared folders and files in
    its own workgroup. That doesn't seem right to me, but I can't see
    what I'm missing.
    ***************** Cameron Hughes *****************
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    chughes1, Dec 4, 2005
  4. chughes1

    chughes1 Guest

    On Sat, 03 Dec 2005 19:40:27 GMT, wrote:

    So far I'm still dead in the water. I can ping my 98SE machine from
    my XP machine, and I changed both machines to use the MSHOME
    workgroup. But I still can't see the 98SE folders on the XP machine
    even though their sharing is turned on. Does anyone know what I might
    be missing?

    ***************** Cameron Hughes *****************
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    **************** Carpe diem, baby ****************
    chughes1, Dec 6, 2005
  5. chughes1

    Haggis Guest

    uninstall/disable any firewalls for troubleshooting (XP built in )
    Haggis, Dec 6, 2005
  6. (I'm writing now from a different location.) Already done. The
    Windows XP firewall is disabled, I unloaded my Zone Alarm firewall,
    and I shut down my anti-virus software in case there was a firewall
    there I couldn't see.

    Question: Should I be able to see the shared XP drives in the
    workgroup on the XP machine? On the 98SE PC, I can see the drives I
    elected to share within the 98SE's workgroup. But on the XP machine,
    I don't see the 98SE shared folders or the XP's own shared folders.
    Does this sound right?

    ***************** Cameron Hughes *****************
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    Cameron Hughes, Dec 6, 2005
  7. chughes1

    Haggis Guest

    no its not right should be able to see all shared drives/machines

    you don't see any shares in "my network places" on the XP ?

    do you see the XP shares from the 98 mach ? (it may take up to 15 minutes
    for the master browser election before you can see some shares)

    what exactly have you shared on each ...C: drive ...a folder ?
    Haggis, Dec 6, 2005
  8. chughes1

    Haggis Guest

    in case i don't get back to check on ya :> here are some ref: sites to look

    General reference /Networking:
    Haggis, Dec 6, 2005
  9. No, I don't see any shares at all in My Network Places on the XP
    machine. I don't see the XP drive I set as shared, and I don't see
    the shared drives on the 98SE machine. On the 98SE machine, I set the
    three hard drives to be shared: C, D, and E. On the XP machine, I set
    the C drive to be shared. I defined the same workgroup on both
    machines, MSHOME. My network is Linksys wireless and I'm able to ping
    the 98SE machine from the XP machine, just can't see it's hard drives.
    ***************** Cameron Hughes *****************
    ************ *************
    *********** '00 Sportster 1200 Custom ************
    **************** Carpe diem, baby ****************
    Cameron Hughes, Dec 6, 2005
  10. chughes1

    Haggis Guest

    mmmm ...good one...

    if you can ping one mach to another then the DHCP is serving up the correct
    IP's (I'm assuming :> )

    have you tried booting to safe mode on the XP and removing all your
    networking hardware ...reboot and reinstall ?

    can't think of anything else specific at the moment ...
    Haggis, Dec 6, 2005
  11. chughes1

    KC Guest

    I have virtually the same problem - also using a Linksys (wrt54gs).
    I can see the Shared folder and contents on the XP machine, but nothing else
    even though shares on the other folders have been set. Also the XP can not
    see any shared folders on the win98 machine even though it does appear in
    Network Neighbourhood on both machines.

    Try dropping a few files into the shared folder on the XP machine and then
    see if you can access these from your win98 machine.

    KC, Dec 12, 2005
  12. chughes1

    Gary Roach Guest

    make sure your "server" service is running on the xp machine (use the
    services.msc tool in "administrative tools")
    Gary Roach, Dec 30, 2005
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