HELP! Excellent Signal But Can't Connect

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by pekoe1111, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. pekoe1111

    pekoe1111 Guest

    I have a laptop running Win2K and am using a Belkin wireless G card that
    works fine with the router it came with.

    I am now at my dad's house and the wireless utility shows the wireless
    network and a strong signal, but I can't connect.

    I have checked the box that says connect me even though it is not
    secure. I have refreshed the network. I have removed and reinstalled
    the wireless card. I have rebooted the computer. The card has power
    because the LED is lit. The data transfer LED lights up sporatically.

    I cannot imagine what settings to mess with to get this working!
    pekoe1111, Jul 16, 2007
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  2. Does the Belkin wireless card have a model number and hardware version
    or are you keeping it secret to make answering questions more
    difficult. While you're at it, kindly disclose the maker and model
    number of the wireless router. Extra credit for supplying the
    hardware version (it's on the serial number tag).
    Are you using Wireless Zero Config or the connection manager than came
    with the Belkin?
    I have a good imagination. I have to with what little info you've

    1. Is he using WEP encryption? If so, use the Hex key, not the ASCII
    key. There are problems with many vendors in learning how to convert
    from ASCII to Hex. Hex always works, ASCII doesn't. I know you
    implied that it's an open (no encryption) connection, but I'm not sure
    from your description. WZC doesn't have such a box to check so you
    must be using the Belkin connection manager.

    2. Is there a MAC address filter setup in the router? If so, you'll
    need to connect to the router with an ethernet cable, login to the
    config page, and add your MAC address to the "allow" list.

    3. Are you actually connecting to your fathers router or is it really
    the neighbors? I wish I had a $1 for every time one of my customers
    calls me on the cell phone with that problem. If you're not sure,
    turn off the router and see if the signal goes away.

    4. What do you mean by "removed and reinstalled" the wireless card?
    Duz that mean you've reinstalled the Belkin wireless drivers? If so,
    methinks you should check it with a known working access point before
    proceeding to make sure you haven't made a mess of the reinstall.
    Jeff Liebermann, Jul 16, 2007
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