[HELP] data corruption: swap of bytes distant from 12 bytes

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Francois Grieu, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. When I download huge files from the net (e.g. disc images), they
    often come slightly corrupted. I have analysed the corruption in
    detail (comparing the corrupted file with a known good one) and
    find the corruption is allways a swap of bytes distant from exactly
    12 bytes; This corruption comes seemingly at random, though very
    often in burst of 2 or 4 consecutive bytes. Typical errors would be

    address ref err

    000F2382: 00 08
    000F238E: 08 00
    022D3DDE: 2E 6E
    022D3DDF: 63 64
    022D3DE0: 61 65
    022D3DE1: 63 78
    022D3DEA: 6E 2E
    022D3DEB: 64 63
    022D3DEC: 65 61
    022D3DED: 78 63

    - MSI KT3 ultra2 (MS6380-E), Athlon XP2100, standard bios settings
    - 80GB IDE Seagate HD (x2), ATI 8500LE, 1GB RAM
    - Netgear PCI FA310TX (x2) 10/100BT Ethernet cards
    - Window XP + all patches, standard drivers for
    - 10BT hub
    - cable modem (Motorola, ethernet interface, DHCP)

    Corruptions occurs
    - with several download servers
    - with either ftp or http
    - with either Explorer or Opera
    - with either of the two 10/100BT Ethernet cards
    - with firewall/connection sharing on or off

    I never had any corruption with another computer (Macintosh)
    hooked on the same hub/cable modem, thus believe the problem
    is with the PC/Netgear PCI F310TX/drivers

    Any clues?

    Francois Grieu
    Francois Grieu, Nov 17, 2003
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