Group policies not applied to all 98 workstations

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Marcus, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Marcus

    Marcus Guest

    I support a network in a school that has a single NT4.0 DC
    and 65 workstations running a mix of 2000 pro and 98se. I
    have created a config.pol file using a 98se workstation
    which has been placed in the netlogon share of the DC. The
    workstations I am concerned with are Dell GX110 (older)
    and GX150 (newer). The group policies are properly applied
    when a student logs on at a GX150, but are not applied
    when logging on to a GX110. I suspect there is some
    difference in the settings of the workstations prior to
    enabling group policies through the add/remove programs on
    the control panel, but I cannot identify what they might
    be. I have tried removing the default user and default
    system from config.pol and that does not change anything.

    Anyone have an idea?

    Marcus, Aug 5, 2003
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