Got file and print sharing working finally - MN 820

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Tom in Tulsa, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Tom in Tulsa

    Tom in Tulsa Guest

    I shared in a past post that I had issues with file and
    print sharing on my MN-820 Wireless G Kit. They are

    After installing the product I re-set up the network
    through XP on each machine, the desktop and laptop, and I
    was in business.


    If anyone cares:

    Bought and installed MN-820 Kit January 21, 2004
    Only achieved internet access. Both XP desktop and XP
    laptop could access Internet over router.
    File and print sharing wouldn't work on either in spite
    of best efforts. Files and printer were set up as
    shared on both to no avail, everything else was as
    instruction manual said it should be. All cables were in
    place etc. All troubleshooting via installation manual

    2 weeks later:
    3 hours with MS phone support (Bombay) yielded no
    success. Frustration level high. Manually entered IP
    addresses, WEP numbers, etc. Confirmed correct Workgroup
    name on all machines, etc. etc. Pinged everything in the
    known world with success. Still no go. No file or print
    sharing available over wireless. Huge language barrier
    with MS help and myself. Phone call could have been half
    as long if we could have understood each other clearly.
    Nothing against Bombay, or anything. Just
    communication / language issues.

    1 week later:
    Posted a message asking for help from this usenet group
    also yielded no answers. Frustration level high.

    Gave up on ever getting an answer. The only benefit from
    this kit was Internet access over wireless network.
    Resigned myself to this. Did appreciate everyone's
    effort at help though. Got alot of good feedback and
    response from this usenet group, including from MS
    technical people who volunteered their time and efforts.

    February 23, 2004 One month after purchase.

    Talked to a friend who asked me if I had tried setting
    the network up through XP on each machine. I tried this,
    and it solved all problems. Internet access over cable
    modem, file, and print sharing were all working instantly
    over wireless network on laptop and on desktop. Over a
    month and of searching for answers, but I'm there
    finally. It is working great and I love it!!

    I think the problem was I had to tell XP to look for the
    router on the network. XP was still configured for
    my "wired" network, and couldn't see it. It
    was still set up to look for my old network, when I used
    to connect the desktop to the laptop with an Ethernet
    cable. Until I went through the network setup process on
    both machines, XP didn't know to look for a router.
    During part of this setup process it asks if will be
    using another device (or something like that) to access
    the Internet. I chose OTHER meaning another device is
    connecting to the Internet for me. The other device is
    the base station. My cable modem is connected directly
    to the base station, and the base station is connected to
    my XP desktop.

    Hope this helps someone. It was a long time getting
    there, but everything is working like it is supposed to
    now and life is beautiful.

    I don't think the manual said anywhere to reset up the
    network through XP on each machine. I don't know. Maybe
    it did and I was just dumb. I dunno.

    Good luck and God Bless. Hope this helps someone.
    Tom in Tulsa, Feb 29, 2004
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