Google and the sniffer lawsuit

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by miso, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. miso

    miso Guest

    ‘General Public’

    Elizabeth Cabraser, a lawyer representing plaintiffs in the case, said
    today’s opinion deleted from the previous order a discussion addressing
    whether the Wi-Fi communications at issue are “readily accessible to the
    general public as a matter of fact.”

    The appeal dealt with the question of whether such communications are
    automatically exempt as a matter of law, Cabraser said. “The 9th Circuit
    ruled they’re not exempt,” she said, meaning Google will have to prove
    to a jury that “anybody driving or walking down the street could’ve
    intercepted the content of these communications, just as it did.”

    Today’s opinion “doesn’t alter the key ruling” in the case permitting it
    to go forward, Cabraser said.

    This is a poor worded link. The title to the article is "Google Loses
    Bid for Wiretap Suit Appeals Court Rehearing".

    This should prove interesting since all the tools exist to do exactly
    what Google did, and all they are open source.

    I'd say anyone on this newsgroup using their real name might be subject
    to be a witness for google. Most of the people posting here could do
    what Google did.
    miso, Dec 29, 2013
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  2. miso

    amdx Guest

    Only if I looked up how to do it on the internet!
    Anyone know where that's available?

    amdx, Dec 29, 2013
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  3. Aaron Leonard, Jan 6, 2014
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