Full daily backup with MS backup on W2k3

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Herm, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Herm

    Herm Guest

    Hello everybody,

    For our W2k3 rollout I have to choose between two backup software
    applications. One of them is Brightstor Arcserve 11 and the other is MS
    Backup wich is buildin the W2k3 OS.

    Arcserve is pretty neat and does what it's supposed to do! The minor issue
    is that the package is very fancy and has a lot of functions we even not
    look at! But the backup procedure en capabilities are very good. We use
    Arcserve for years now on our Novell Platforms. No complains there!

    Now to the Microsoft Backup software. Actually this is exact what we need. A
    piece of software that is simple and works right like it should be.
    Specially the ASR function is very neat! Now to the minor I have

    I created a scheduled backup from monday to friday! With Arcserve I can tell
    the job to format the tape each time before starting the full backup! So
    regardless of wich tape is insert, Arcserve will start a full backup! Why
    can't I do this with MS Backup? If I can solve this issue, we most porbably
    will choose the MS backup software. Otherwise I have to study a few more
    weeks on Arcserve (restoring ;-).

    Many thanks in advance,
    Herman Franssen
    Herm, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. Herm

    Dajo Rybski Guest

    Dajo Rybski, Dec 20, 2004
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  3. Herm

    Herm Guest

    Hello Dajo,

    The link you sended me is THE solution for my problem. But still I have some
    questions about the scripts.
    Hope you are a little familliar with the scriptting language of MS Backup?

    1. In the line <rsm.exe refresh /LF"HP C1537A SCSI Sequential Device"> there
    is put the name of the devive used! How can I find the name of my tape
    device that I am using? Is the use of this line really necessary? what does
    it do exactly?

    2. The <sleep 30> command didn't work on my server! You mentioned the
    Resource Kit. Where can I find that kit and do I really need the <sleep>

    Allthough, with above 2 lines not working correctly, I was able to make
    several backups without intervering the process. So please could you explain
    to me what above does achieve?

    Dajo, I want to speak out many thanks for your help! Thanks.

    Herman Franssen
    Herm, Dec 21, 2004
  4. Herm

    Dajo Rybski Guest

    1. That line is used to refresh what Windows sees in your tape device.
    After inserting a tape it can take a while before Windows recognizes it.
    Forcing a refresh can solve this problem if it occurs.
    You can find the correct device name in Computer Management, Storage,
    Removable Storage, Physical Locations.

    2. Because Windows and the device need some time to do the refresh it's
    best to wait for some time before continuing. That is what sleep 30
    does, waiting 30 seconds. If you use the refresh command you'll need
    this time because after launching the refresh the script continues
    immediately without waiting for any result of the refresh command.
    Sleep.exe is part of the resource kit which you find here:

    Dajo Rybski, Dec 21, 2004
  5. Herm

    Herm Guest


    Thank you, Thank you... Way to kind!
    It works exactly as I want it to work!

    One more question about the LOG files. In the command line I used the switch
    /l:s wich creates a standard LOG file. But how can I see if a backup is
    succesfull and what the eventual errors are? The /l:f switch doesn't tell me
    anything more either. It just displays all the files that have been backed
    up?! Any suggestions?

    Kind regards,
    Herm, Dec 21, 2004
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