FOLLOWUP -- finally, the PPP over Bluetooth/Cell Phone WORKS!

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Ignoramus24277, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. [Cc: to bluez-user mailing list]

    I have finally made my linux laptop connect to internet using my cell

    I resolved the problem of cell phone and laptop not seeing one
    another, by means of gnome-phone-manager. After the initial handshake
    and exchange of PIN, they would recognize one another.

    After that, I write a ppp script to connect to Cingular. Struggled for
    a few hours with the issue of cingular dropping me instantly after

    Turns out that the customer service rep dummy with whom I spoke
    yesterday, put me on a wrong plan and I was not provisioned for a cell
    phone modem connection. After 20 minutes of trying to convince a
    similarly clueless rep to let me talk to someone more knowledgeable
    (she was trying to prove to me that I could not use my cell phone as a
    modem), I was connected to a more knowledgeable rep who put me on the
    right plan.

    After that, voila, everything is working just fine. I get IP addresses
    assigned, routing works, everything is fine. I will add my bluetooth
    to my autodiscover network script. This script makes sure that my
    laptop finds the best possible internet connection (home ethernet,
    home wifi, work ethernet, and now Cingular) all by itself without icon
    clicking and other nonsense.

    Big kudos go to the BlueZ team and to authors of gnome-phone-manager.

    Thank you guys!

    PS my next plan is to make my laptop into a wifi station so that other
    people (my wife) could connect to me on the train, while my laptop is
    connected to Cingular via cell phone.
    Ignoramus24277, Mar 15, 2007
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