Finding the original user on wireless after IP address got changed

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by kmisenor, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. kmisenor

    kmisenor Guest

    I had to install a new adapter (AirLine 101 IEEE 802.11g Wireless ) but it
    changed my IP address and dropped me from family wireless network. It
    created a new Wireless Network 2 for me. I have internet access but can't
    figure out to join the original wireless network. I was able to assign the
    previous IP address I had and can ping the router but nobody else. How do I
    delete the old network from my computer and create or access the current and
    correct wireless on the router. I'm running Window XP SP2. I do have the
    old network adapter and if need to, could reinstall it, if it would correct
    the problem.

    The other question is I'm think I should running more types of protocols.
    The only protocol loaded is Internet TCP/IP. There are three olther protocol
    Drive and Microsoft TCP/IP Version 6. I think I'm missing some software to
    work with IEEE and netbios. Or maybe this is only the old programmer coming
    out in me.

    Each desktop or laptop have different adapter cards and two computer are
    running Windows Media Center 5. But we were working before I screwed up.
    Please HELP!!

    (='.'=) Kathy
    kmisenor, Oct 6, 2007
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