Few Questions about external antenna etc before purchase!

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Thecheekymonkey, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Hi, have read the forums and a hell of a lot of internet sites about
    external antennas etc etc. Basically what i want to do is be a bit nosy
    around my area, and also provide my cousin who lives 400 yards away with
    some internet access. I knwo there are lots of access points in my
    immediate vicinity, a quick dog walk with my PDA reveals 36 on my block
    alone, with a further 76 within a 150 meter radius. some are open, some
    are are not, however the moment i step into my house only a few are
    avzailible (4 max) and on some equipment on my own.

    OK so here is what equipment i have.

    laptop with intel 3945 abg mini pci.

    tplink pcmcia card which ive modded with an sma connector.

    linksys wrt150n router.

    my plans are to flash the router with the dd-wrt firmware (i do have
    access to a wrt54g also).

    buy one of these kits > 'Wireless antenna,WiFi Antenna,2.4GHz 5GHz
    Wlan Antenna,RF connector,RF pigtail cable,Lightning Protector,802.11
    a/b/g, Omni ,panel ,yagi ,Grid antenna' (http://tinyurl.com/3cd9dr)

    which comes with everything ill need.

    my questions are will this work, will i be able to hook my laptop, or
    the router in access point mode and gain access to the many wireless
    networks surrounding me. Im a bit dubious due to a frien buying both
    expensive and cheap 14dbi panel directional antenna and them generally
    being worse than if there wasnt an antenna on (one was a hawking one).

    will i need power amplifier (thats not so say i wont get one anyway in
    the future) , the wrt150n from what i can gather outputs about 175 mW on
    B 155 mW on G and 150mW on N , @ about 23dbi (standard firmware) this
    should be more than enough should it not without taking into
    consideration tinkering with the dd-wrt firmware?

    any thoughts, suggestions etc etc much appreciated, .

    many thank,.

    p.s. i am in the UK .
    Thecheekymonkey, Dec 20, 2007
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  2. Thecheekymonkey

    me here Guest

    An omni is useless for what you want to do. You can add a reflector to
    get decent directional performance.

    Any high gain directional antenna will probably get a decent signal out
    to about 150 meters from inside a house.

    An outside antenna should go double that.

    Cable length can nulify any antenna performance.

    Bit naughty pinching wifi.



    me here, Dec 20, 2007
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