FCC: mobile phones block USB,Bluetooth,Linux;700-megahertz band auctions

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by fusion, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. fusion

    fusion Guest

    in my humble opinion and pardon my ignorant grammar , new Federal
    Auctions of airwaves in the 700-megahertz band of the public taxpayers
    spectrum are due this spring and summer, so what will happen? the
    monopolies of Verizon Wireless ,ATT and Comcast cable will take
    everything or America will have a chance to build a real mobile

    a) the mobile phone industry , blocking
    USB,Bluetooth,Linux,etc.,and now Comcast blocking-off http://www.c-span.org/
    , is a disaster for capitalism and free
    enterprise, is fascist and un-Constitutional, its Un-American, what
    will the FCC do ?

    b) how can your kids open any business on mobile if all
    is going to be controlled totally by Microsoft,Verizon Wireless,Yahoo
    and the cable Lobby now moving into mobile ? they control how you
    upload, download, from who and how, its a nightmare of repression and
    a monopoly , its impossible for any kid to start any business in the
    mobile world, a disaster for the USA economy !

    c) on mobile tv and video, these monopolies are trying to limit
    choices to only one option: MediaFlo from Qualcomm (Verizon
    which already is trying to monopolize with CDMA all wireless
    standards, a Qualcomm who already illegally took all the Navy and Army
    radio protocols and mixed them up with its own truck radios and
    patented all in the late 90's under its name and its chairman's name,
    Jacobs, and no one in the Pentagon ( where are the Military radios
    since 1905?) said anything, so now we got all the wireless radios in
    America developed since the 19th Century controlled by Qualcomm and
    Jacobs,what a criminal shame !

    d) so what will the FCC and Congress do ? save America or bend over
    one more time for the neocon racket of Jacobs? and the president ?
    because his top yes-men,Bolten-Keller-Kaplan-etc. are all partners of
    the Jacobs racket, their intent is to monopolize all media access for
    the 2008 election so that only one voice is standing, their intent is
    to put Emanuel,Feingold,Bloomberg or any other neocon in the White
    House, with Barak, with Hillary or with anybody left, its a farce and
    un-constitutional, its a fraud ! ..... while the men of my christian
    community watching the players shake their ---- up in the air and
    their woman reading all the gossip tabloids in the supermarket check
    out counter or the local bookstore,a total blindness, a national
    disaster !

    to the young men and woman, run for office, tell the FCC , tell the
    Congress ,tell them that these airwaves belong to you, the USA
    Taxpayers, get involved and save America !
    fusion, Mar 26, 2007
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  2. fusion

    John Navas Guest

    1. There are no such monopolies -- there's actually intense

    2, There is no such control of Internet activities (in the free world
    at least).

    3. Qualcomm is only one of several entities with CDMA patents.

    4. Auctioning spectrum is the best way to ensure the most efficient
    use. The alternative is government meddling that just doesn't work.
    John Navas, Mar 27, 2007
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