Faceplate adsl filter/splitter

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Kris, May 22, 2004.

  1. Kris

    Kris Guest

    I'm having a conversion from Home Highway soon.
    Will the BT engineer install a faceplate splitter /
    filter like the Solwise one ..

    ...or will it be an optional extra ?
    If extra who do I contact to order one?

    tia, Chris
    Kris, May 22, 2004
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  2. HH to ADSL are supplied with standard in-line filters arent they ?

    For a faceplate, a couple of companies sell these as after market options.

    Andy M Jenkins, May 22, 2004
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  3. Kris

    Tiscali Tim Guest

    In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
    I don't think that BT will officially fit an ADSL faceplate splitter unless
    they are do are full install. When they do the ISDN conversion, they simply
    leave you with a standard NTE5 master socket, with ordinary telephone
    faceplate. They are then expecting you to do a "wires-only" self-install
    ADSL job, using mircro-filters in each socket.

    I suspect that if you slip the BT engineer a few quid, he just *might* fit a
    splitter faceplate - as used in a full install. [When mine was done, the
    engineer was accompanied by a manager, so I didn't ask!]

    You can get a splitter faceplate from Solwise for under 15 quid delivered.
    If you want to wire an ADSL extension into the *back* of the faceplate,
    you'll need the modified version which - as far as I am aware - can only be
    obtained from Clarity.
    Tiscali Tim, May 22, 2004
  4. Kris

    Tiscali Tim Guest

    In an earlier contribution to this discussion,

    Apologies - instead of the gibberish at end of the first sentence (above),
    it *should* say: ". . unless they are doing a full install."
    Tiscali Tim, May 22, 2004
  5. Go to www.ebay.co.uk mate - maybe cheaper than buying from online store.
    AngelHosts.com, May 22, 2004
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