Exceptionally slow ping times, slow DNS lookup and slow download on router

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Martin Underwood, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. A customer has a Netgear DG834 router (V1, no wireless access point
    built-in) connected to a newly-installed ADSL line, activated about 18 hours
    ago. The router is reporting that the line speed is 1120 down / 448 up.
    Unfortunately this model of DG834 doesn't have the ability to report ADSL
    attenuation and noise margin, but I presume that these must be acceptible if
    the router has successfully synchronised at 1120/448 and has a steady
    connection that doesn't drop out.

    The customer has reported very slow browsing and POP3 email download times.

    On investigation, a ping -t of an external address (eg news.bbc.co.uk) is
    getting a time of about 40 msec if the LAN is idle, but as soon as any PC
    (including the one running the ping) talks on the WAN (eg browse web, read
    email) the ping times increase dramatically to around 1000-2000 msec and
    sometimes exceed ping's threshold so "request timed out" is reported.. Once
    the PC has finished transferring traffic, the ping times go back to normal.

    This happens with only one PC plugged into the router (so there's no
    PC-to-PC LAN traffic) and I've experienced it with my own known-good laptop.

    Copying a large folder between PCs on the LAN does not result in long ping
    times, so it's not the switch part of the router that's getting overloaded -
    the problem is confined to WAN access.

    Is it likely to be a router problem or a broadband problem?
    Martin Underwood, Jan 23, 2007
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  2. Martin Underwood wrote in message
    Further information: after the customer's separate wireless adaptor failed
    while I was setting things up this afternoon, the customer went out and
    bought a Netgear DG834PN, partly to get the benefit of a speed upgrade from
    Wireless B (11 Mbps) to Wireless G (54 Mbps).

    This router shows the broadband stats, so I can now report that the speed,
    attenuation and noise margin are:

    Speed 1100-1700 / 448 (downstream speed varies from time to

    Attenuation 63.0 / 31.5

    Margin 6.3 / 16.0

    Downloading a new copy of Skype gave an average transfer speed of about 16
    KBps (approx 160 Kbps), which is very slow even allowing for contention.

    Given that the line has only recently been activated, could it be that the
    exchange equipment and the router are still negotiating the best line speed
    that the line will support, and that when things have stabilised the data
    rate and ping times will improve (because of fewer retries even though the
    line speed may reduce slightly). I've not yet tried
    http://speedtester.bt.com/ because I didn't have the address of this site
    with me when I was at the customer's site. Someone recently recommended
    another site which checks the number of ADSL retries etc, but I can't find
    the URL for this site - anyone help?
    Martin Underwood, Jan 24, 2007
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