Ethereal 0.9.15 installation under Redhat 8

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Ewald Jenisch, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    Today I tried to install ethereal 0.9.15 under RH8 using the rpms
    supplied by ethereal. However none of the rpms could be installed:

    # rpm -i ethereal-base-0.9.15-1.9.i386.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies: is needed by ethereal-base-0.9.15-1.9 is needed by ethereal-base-0.9.15-1.9
    ucd-snmp is needed by ethereal-base-0.9.15-1.9
    # rpm -i ethereal-base-net-snmp-0.9.15-1.9.i386.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies: is needed by ethereal-base-net-snmp-0.9.15-1.9
    # rpm -i ethereal-base-no-snmp-0.9.15-1.9.i386.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies: is needed by ethereal-base-no-snmp-0.9.15-1.9
    [[email protected] Ethereal-0.9.15]#

    Any ideas what could be wrong here? Obviously some libs are missing, but
    where can I get them?

    Has anybody out there sucessfully installed ethereal 0.9.15 under RH8
    from the RPMs?

    TIA for any hints
    Ewald Jenisch, Sep 16, 2003
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  2. Ewald Jenisch

    Koen Guest

    search for the missing libs ... there will be packages available for your
    distro containing those libs ... downloads & install them
    Koen, Sep 16, 2003
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  3. Yes, you're missing the libcrypto library, which is provided by the
    openssl package. Openssl should be on your installation media; otherwise
    you can pick it up from RedHat's ftp server, rpmfind, or wherever.
    I build and installed i686 rpms for my RH7.2 system from the
    ethereal-0.9.15 source tarball:

    Name : ethereal
    Relocations : (not relocateable)
    Version : 0.9.15
    Vendor : (none)
    Release : 1
    Build Date : Thu Sep 11 21:28:24 2003
    Install date: Thu Sep 11 21:31:56 2003
    Build Host :
    Group : Networking/Utilities
    Source RPM : ethereal-0.9.15-1.src.rpm
    Size : 17775926
    License : GPL
    Packager : FastJack <>
    URL :
    Summary : Network traffic analyzer
    Description : Ethereal is a network traffic analyzer for Unix-ish operating systems.
    John Thompson, Sep 16, 2003
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