Emplimenting OpenLDAP

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Keegan Alex, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Keegan Alex

    Keegan Alex Guest

    Hi folks... I have a new project, and I wanted to pick the brains of
    anyone that's done this before.

    We have a small Linux and Windows network -- about 10 Linux
    workstations and only 2-3 Windows workstations. We also have 3 Linux

    Originally no computer authenticated with any other server... which
    was basically just a large pier-to-pier network. Didn't work well.
    So I empliment Samba and had act as an NT domain controller, then I
    let each box join the domain as a member server for logins. I still
    had to verify the usernames were setup on each box... but this allowed
    users to use the same password on each workstation.

    I'm wanting to go several leaps forward and use central authentication
    with other Linux-based apps, like mail (Exim), FTP, user login's to
    workstations, the works. I want everything to be based on LDAP from
    one server. And if this is possible.. I'd like to be able to write
    web applications to allow access to websites based on LDAP

    How easy is this to empliment? I'm no alpha geek when it comes to
    Linux, but I've used it for many years and am very familiar with it's
    workings. Also, if I have good documentation, then I'm set... but I
    can't find any How-To that really helps. The OpenLDAP page does have
    a manual, but it's more of a command list then a HowTo.

    Other questions... If I get LDAP going, can any computer -- Windows or
    Linux -- authenticate? Also, what about Roaming profiles and login

    Thanks for any assistance or insight. Take care,

    Keegan Alex, Jul 13, 2003
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