DWL-R60AT and DWL-2000AP

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by anodos, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. anodos

    anodos Guest

    I have a D-Link DWL-2000AP (802.11g access point) on one end of my
    home and a computer at the other end. The connection is spotty, and
    drops out on a regular basis. I'm thinking an antenna would do the
    trick, and am looking at the DWL-R60AT (6 dBi Microstrip):
    Does anyone have experience using this antenna with the DWL-2000AP?
    Should this work? I'm assuming that an antenna designed for 802.11b
    should work fine for 802.11g... right?

    anodos, Sep 23, 2003
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  2. anodos

    anodos Guest

    I'm a complete newbie to wireless, so someone please educate me. I
    wrote D-Link support and asked if the DWL-R60AT would work with the
    DWL-2000AP, and they said it would not (no explanation,
    unfortunately). They recommended the ANT24-0801. Now, the DWL-2000AP
    has a "reverse SMA" connector while the ANT24-0801 has a "N-female"
    connector... Obviously, I don't understand antenna connectors, because
    I don't see how two different connectors are supposed to connect?

    anodos, Sep 23, 2003
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  3. anodos

    abuse Guest

    Maybe you need the DWL-M60AT instead? I don't have all the info at
    hand but this one is in their catalog of 2.4GHz antennas. The R60AT
    This is a slightly tighter pattern, but the two remain very close...
    You'd need an adapter, or better a short piece of cable with the
    appropriate connectors on each end, mainly because the N is big and
    heavy and the SMA is small and fairly light. Don't want to over
    stress the dinkly little SMA connector..

    Or better just go with an M60AT - it not only comes with the right
    connector it's cable is also shorter which means lower signal loss
    in the cable itself.

    Billy Y..
    abuse, Sep 24, 2003
  4. anodos

    abuse Guest

    Maybe you need the DWL-M60AT instead? I don't have all the info at
    I finally got to a terminal where I can look - this one would also be
    fine, the main difference seems to be it screws directly on to the AP
    but the other one has a short cable between it and the AP. So -- if
    you don't think you need the cable to get the antenna aimed correctly
    then go for the R60AT - no cable at all is less lossy than even the
    very best of wire...

    And then - the R60AT is circularly polarized too. This will usually
    deliver better performance than antennas radiating in just one plane.

    Billy Y..
    abuse, Sep 24, 2003
  5. anodos

    Anodos Guest

    I really appreciate your very helpful replies. The only question I have
    now is, why did the Dlink support person say the R60AT would not work
    with the 2000AP? Did he/she not know what he/she was talking about?

    - Anodos
    Anodos, Sep 24, 2003
  6. anodos

    abuse Guest

    Well... I think they just looked at the list of stuff (like on the
    web page for the R60AT) D-Link says it's compatible with... Which
    brings up the question of why whoever inside D-Link that writes all
    this stuff would leave anything out. Maybe the list was made up
    before the 'g' stuff was ready, or ???

    But -

    All this stuff is actually just pcmcia cards inside little tiny boxes,
    they all must weigh about the same (just in case there was some worry
    about the thing tipping over with this relatively big antenna hanging
    off its side), the boxes are the same, the antenna connectors are the
    same, the frequency range is the same, the rf power levels are the same
    (no danger of burning anything up due to excessive rf power coming out
    of the box), etc, etc. Not to most mention all the 'g' stuff includes
    a 'b' mode too. Hard to get much closer, eh?

    It's probably tough to provide 24x7 support and fill it with people
    who can easily think this sort of thing through - as opposed to just
    relaying whatever info they currently have in hand about some product...

    Billy Y..
    abuse, Sep 25, 2003
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