Dsl -> switch -> 3 computers & wireless router -> laptop -- problems seeing all 4 computers in "Netw

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Kraw, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Kraw

    Kraw Guest

    Hardware used

    Cisco 675 DSL router
    D-link 624 wireless router
    D-link g650 wireless pcmcia card
    linksys switch
    3 desktop computers all running Win XP PRO
    1 Toshiba Laptop running WIN XP Home

    I have hooked this up too different ways


    DSL router feed the Wireless router. The wireless router feed the switch
    and the laptop, the switch feed the 3 other desktop computers

    All could access the internet, all had different internal IPs 192.x.x.x,
    all the computers could see each other in "Microsoft Windows Network"
    from within "Network Neighborhood", BUT all had the same external IP.

    since two of the desktop computers run ftp servers, and reward programs
    require you to have two differnt IP's if you have two different accounts
    this solution would not work for me

    So I hooked it up a different way

    2nd and current

    DSL feeds the switch. The switch feeds the 3 desktop computers and the
    wireless router, the wireless router feeds nothing but the laptop.

    now the 3 desktop computers have 10.x.x.x internal IPs and the laptop has
    a 192.x.x.x internal IP.

    All can access the internet, all have different external & internal IPs,
    but the 3 desktop computers can not see the laptop in "Microsoft Windows
    Network" from within "Network Neighborhood". Also the Laptop can not see
    the 3 desktop computers.

    How can I have all 4 computers get different external IPs, and all see
    each other in "Microsoft Windows Network"

    I tried turning off DHCP on the wireless router while hooked up in the
    2nd configuration, and I could not get an internal IP at all on the
    Kraw, Jun 27, 2003
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