Driven mad by wireless mystery - update

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Ken, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    On 22/1/2006 at 10.19 I posted as at bottom of this posting. I tried all
    suggestions made but to no avail and eventually came to accept continual
    rebooting of the router and other fiddling to regain the lost connection.
    Yesterday I installed a brand new Belkin pre N router and enjoyed the first
    full 24 hours of continuous connection I have enjoyed for months.

    Alas though it stopped this morning and after spending one hour of the phone
    to Belkin Tech Support the position is not resolved. I am back to wired for
    the moment thinking do I now buy the special pre N cards for my two PC's
    (£60 each) or is this throwing good money away. Or should I send the new
    router back and just give up and revert to wires.

    Any thoughts appreciated.


    For around a year I have enjoyed wireless BB connection until just before
    Christmas when my Belkin router had a problem.
    So bought new D Link router but couldn't get it to work, asked my usual PC
    engineer in who couldn't get to work. Then got in a specialist networking
    engineer who also couldn't get it to work and he tried fitting another
    router in case there was a fault but could get that to work.

    Bought brand new Belkin router but again couldn't get to work. Relooked at
    failed router and was only power pack so Belkins sent me free one. So back
    to my original set up but still not able to get to work despite calling Tech
    Support and getting in my usual PC engineer.

    The 'not working' is not connecting, not being able to acquire network
    address and mostly dropped connection. Dropping sometimes several times per
    day sometimes lasting for a few days. Tried rebooting router, restarting
    PCs, reformatting both PCs and even bought dongles which sometimes work
    better than PCI card.

    I have two PCs around 15 months old with quite high specs, about 20 feet
    apart with router half way between. Router has direct sight line to rear of
    my tower. I am now being told there must be something causing the
    degradation in signal and perhaps I should give up and revert to wires. Yet
    neighbours to sides and across the road (four house) have no problems and
    all on wireless for same period of time as me. No new wireless gadgets

    Any ideas appreciated but bear in mind I am not a boffin.

    Ken, Mar 11, 2006
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  2. Ken

    poster Guest

    Is there anyone nearby with whom you could do a temporary swap of kit,
    to see (a) that wireless kit [from some other manufacturer] will work,
    and for them to 'prove' state of your Belkin kit - limit to 48 hours,
    even if there's no problem - so they would be willing to co-operate
    another time (!) and if theirs works in your house, then you know
    it can be done... if not, then back to wires... Good luck.

    Peter (lots of wire here, no wireless!)
    poster, Mar 11, 2006
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  3. Ken

    alexd Guest

    Surely a pre-N router also requires pre-N clients to make any difference?
    Wires are almost inevitably a better idea, IME - but then I use my LAN for
    XDMCP clients that can easily max out 100mbit ethernet. XDMCP desktops over
    Wifi are barely tolerable.
    If no wireless router will work reliably at your site, then there must be a
    lot of local interference on the 2.4GHz band where you are. Things like
    pre-N may well help to mitigate this, but alas I fear you may be throwing
    good money after bad. Perhaps you could borrow some wireless kit that uses
    a different band [eg 802.11a] - but there aren't many people with spare
    802.11a kit just lying around!

    If you're of a technical bent, then

    is worth a read.
    alexd, Mar 11, 2006
  4. Ken

    Ken Guest

    The new router is packed up awaiting collection from Dabs. Hope they have an
    understanding returns policy but it is not fit for the purpose in my home?

    Ken, Mar 12, 2006
  5. Ken

    nut Guest

    Check out past posts about dabs returns here :

    I hope you have more luck than they did.
    nut, Mar 12, 2006
  6. Ken

    Ken Wheatley Guest

    Not in my experience. I'm using a BT-branded PC card in my laptop, and
    performance has been MUCH better since I installed a Belkin pre-N router. By
    'much better' I mean that I didn't have a usable signal in my home office.
    Now it's 'very good'.
    Ken Wheatley, Mar 14, 2006
  7. Ken

    Ken Wheatley Guest

    I returned a huge traditional (CRT) television to Dabs under the distance
    selling regulations. I had simply ordered the wrong thing. They collected it
    again but, not unreasonably, charged me the return delivery fee. A grand
    total of £7.50 + vat.

    A check of Parcelforce's site showed that if I hadn't used Dabs collection
    service it would have cost me £30 - £40.

    The refund hit my credit card a few days later.

    All in all, a good service.
    Ken Wheatley, Mar 14, 2006
  8. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Reassuring to hear from a satisfied customer. I will wait and see and don't
    mind if they make some charge.

    Ken, Mar 14, 2006
  9. Ken

    Ken Guest

    I did get a full refund so am happy.

    Ken, Mar 22, 2006
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